Page 14 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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11279. But the officer who dispatched the boat had given an order to them? - Sir Cosmo repeated it after. 11280. And you heard his voice? - Yes. 11281. Were there two Americans on board? - I knew there were men. 11282. Mr. [Abraham] Salomon and Mr. [Charles E.] Stengel? - I do not know their names. 11283. Have you any idea whether Stengel was in a position to hear this statement of yours, if you made it? - They should have heard it. 11284. Everybody in the boat should have heard? - If they were not deaf. 11285. Assume for a moment that Horswill did not hear and that Simmons did not hear, do you think you are mistaken in supposing that you shouted out that you ought to have gone back? - I am not mistaken at all. 11286. Supposing that Horswill did not hear it; assume for a moment that Horswill is here and that he heard nothing of the kind; how would you account for that? - I do not know; they were thinking of something else; they were too excited perhaps. 11287. Were you all very excited? - No; there was not any excitement. 11288. Was Horswill excited? - No; not that I knew of. 11289. If Horswill is here and did not hear a word from you on this subject, how would you account for that fact? - I do not know. Mr. Duke: You cannot tell. Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 11290. The only matter upon which I want you to give us a little further explanation is how you were sitting in the boat, if you can? - I was sitting with my back to the bows. 11291. Well, you start from the bows; who was right ahead in the bow? - Horswill, I think. 11292. That is right. Was there anybody beside him, or was he sitting beside the bow? - There was another man; I think Collins was at the side of him. 11293. I think he was a fireman? - Yes. 11294. At any rate, he was one of the crew. Who was sitting in the next thwart? - I was sitting in that thwart. 11295. Was anybody next to you? - Taylor, I think, and Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon were in the next thwart. 11296. With you? - No, I was alone on this thwart. 11297. That is what I want to get. You were alone; then in the next thwart, Taylor a fireman, and Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon? - Yes. 11298. Then in the next one? - I do not know who was in the next one. Lady Duff-Gordon, I know. I do not know who the other was. 11299. Do you mean another lady, or was it a man? - I could not say. 11300. Who was in the stern? - There was a man at the tiller, the coxswain, Simmons, that is all I know. It was dark, I could not see. I did not take notice when daylight came in. 11301. (The Commissioner.) When you were here last you suggested that something had been said in the boat before you reached the “Carpathia” about money? - No; the gentleman said he was giving us a present after he said he would send a wire home if he could. 11302. That was before you got on board the “Carpathia”? - Yes, we did not hear a word at all about any money until we got this a day or two before we got to New York. He said he would give us a present. He never said a word about money. (The Witness withdrew.)
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