Page 139 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 139
The Commissioner: If you look you will see the row of portholes is interrupted. The Solicitor-General: Yes. Is that the place where you are pointing now, Mr. Wilding? Mr. Wilding: Yes, there is a door marked there. The Commissioner: Is it marked there on the model? - (Mr. Wilding.) Yes, my Lord, here (Pointing on the model). 13916. (The Solicitor-General.) As a matter of accuracy, is that open on to the floor of E deck or D deck? - E deck. 13917. (Sir Robert Finlay.) I am told there is also a gangway on D deck forward? - On the starboard side. The Commissioner: On D deck. Sir Robert Finlay: Yes. The Solicitor-General: One above and one below. Sir Robert Finlay: That is on the starboard side forward. 13918. (The Commissioner.) It appears to me that you would be very unlikely to order the forward gangway door to be opened. You might get the head so deep in the water that she might ship water through that gangway door? - Of course, my Lord, I did not take that into consideration at that time; there was not time to take all these particulars into mind. In the first place, at this time I did not think the ship was going down. 13919. I remember what you said yesterday as to what you were told when you were in your bunk that the water was up to F deck; you knew that it was a very serious state of things? - Yes, I knew it was serious. 13920. And I suppose you realised - I do not know whether you did - but I suppose you realised that the ship was taking in more and more water as you were attending to these boats? - Yes, my Lord, and yet I did not think at that time that the ship was going down. 13921. (The Solicitor-General.) Just to get boat No. 6 right. The Quartermaster, whose name was Hichens, was in that No. 6 boat. Your Lordship will find a reference to him at page 43; he confirms exactly, of course, what Mr. Lightoller is saying. It is Question 1089, “Who ordered you to another boat? - (A.) Mr. Lightoller. (Q.) And to what boat”? - (A.) No. 6 boat. (Q.) Is that a lifeboat on the port side? - (A.) Yes. (Q.) It would be the third on the port side from forward, would it not?” and he says it was the second or third boat to be lowered on the port side. (To the Witness.) I understand from you it was the second because you had lowered boat No. 4 to A deck? - Yes. The Commissioner: What question is it? 13922. (The Solicitor-General.) I was looking at Question 1089. He says it was the second or third boat, and it appears it was really the second. “(1096) She had only been swung out ready? - (A.) That is all. (Q.) And then what happened - who was giving orders then? - (A.) Mr. Lightoller was in charge of the port side. (Q.) Did you hear any order given? - (A.) Yes, I heard the captain say ‘Women and children first.’” “(Q.) 1106. How many people did you take on board? - (A.) 42, all told.” (To the Witness.) I think a gentleman named Major Peuchen was one of them? - Yes. 13923. Did you order him into the boat? - I did. 13924. Very well. Now that is No. 6. I think that fairly gives us what you know about No. 6. There is nothing you want to add to it? - No, I do not think there is anything further to add. 13925. What is the next one that you dealt with? - Well, it was a boat further aft on the port side; its actual number I really could not say with accuracy. I am under the impression it was No. 8. 13926. Up to now, as I follow you, No. 4 has been lowered down to A deck? - Yes. 13927. That is all that has happened to it? - Yes. 13928. Just tell us in order what boat you dealt with next. It was No. 8 you think? - I think it
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