Page 13 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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11249. Now, do you suggest it was in the intervals of these attempts of the husband to comfort his wife and relieve her from the trouble she was in - that physical trouble - that the conversation took place? - Yes. 11250. You say that? - Yes. 11251. You think that Lady Duff-Gordon heard you suggest that the boat should go back to the ship? - I could not say; I never said she heard me. I do not know who heard me. 11252. If she heard you, Horswill must have heard you? - She must have heard me to answer me. 11253. Let us see. She was on the second seat from you? - Yes. 11254. If she heard you Horswill must have heard you? - I do not know. 11255. The seaman who was alongside Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon must have heard you? - He should have heard me, yes. 11256. The person who was alongside Lady Duff-Gordon should have heard you? - Yes, they should have heard me. 11257. Did you say anything so that Simmons could hear you? - I could not say whether he heard me or not. 11258. Did you consider at that time whether Simmons heard you or not? - No. 11259. What? - No. 11260. How was that? If you seriously, as you say, thought as a matter of humanity Simmons ought to take this boat back, how was it you did not consider whether Simmons heard you or not? - If he heard me he should have given me an answer. 11261. You think if he had heard you he would have given you an answer? - I do not know whether he would; he should, I said. 11262. Did you think he did? - No. 11263. You thought he did not. Why did you not repeat what you had to say, if you ever said it, so that it should go to the ears of the one man who could give effect to it? - It was up to the others, as well as me, to pass the word along if they heard me. 11264. Do you mean there was a little conversation between you and some other people about you as to whether it was up to you to go back? - No little conversation at all. I had no conversation. I called out, as I told you before. 11265. No talk? - No. 11266. None of the men about you replied? - No, no one at all. 11267. Are you sure now that any of the men about you heard? - They must have heard, they were there. 11268. Horswill must have heard? - They must all have heard, I should think. 11269. None of them made a reply? - None of them; none of the men. 11270. Simmons never had an opportunity of forming a judgment on your opinion that he ought to go back? - He had plenty of time. He should not wait for anyone’s opinion, the man in charge. 11271. You say now Simmons ought to have seen for himself that he ought to go back? - Of course, he did. 11272. And whether you communicated with him or not you do not know? - No, I do not. 11273. Could you see one another’s faces in the boat at the time? - No. 11274. No? - No. 11275. Did you know Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon from any other member of the party in the boat at that time? - No. 11276. Had you ever heard his voice up to then? - Yes. 11277. Where? - When he said about one man take command of the boat. 11278. Who said, “One man take command of the boat”? - Duff-Gordon.
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