Page 108 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 108
WALTER WYNN, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 13315. Were you serving as Quartermaster on the “Titanic” at the time of this accident? - I was. 13316. And I believe you were saved in boat 9, were you not? - Yes. 13317. Were you off watch at the time of the striking? - Yes. 13318. I think you were asleep and you were awakened? - Yes. 13319. I believe you got up, dressed, and did you go to the boat deck after a time? - No. 13320. I do not want to take you through the whole story, I presume it is quite unnecessary; after a time did you hear this, the Captain giving an order to you and another quartermaster, to go and get the two accident boats ready? - Yes. 13321. I want to omit the earlier part, you see. Did you obey that order? - Yes. 13322. After that did you go and help to clear away at various lifeboats? - Yes. 13323. After that did you meet the Sixth Officer Mr. Moody, who told you to go to your own boat? - Yes. 13324. Did you know your own boat? - No. 13325. Did you ascertain what was your own boat then? - No, not then. 13326. Did you go to a boat? - Mr. Moody told me to go to number nine boat and take charge of number nine. 13327. Whether that was your right boat or not, you do not know? - It was all ready swinging out on the davits and he told me to take charge of No. 9, as I did not know my own boat. 13328. Did you take charge of No. 9? - I got in and assisted the ladies in; and when we started to lower away the boatswain’s mate got into the boat, and I handed charge over to him, and took an oar. 13329. That boat was lowered down to the water? - Yes. 13330. How many people were there in that boat? - Forty-two women, and I think about fourteen men. 13331. Were the men all passengers? - No. 13332. How were the men divided up? - There were about four stewards sitting in the bow and there were three seamen, and afterwards I heard one other man was a seaman that I did not know, and that made four. 13333. What were the rest? - They were men passengers. 13334. (The Commissioner.) That would be six passengers? - Yes. 13335. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Later on, were you saved and taken to the “Carpathia”? - I was. 13336. Before I get you on to the “Carpathia” I just want to ask you this one matter: While you were in the boat did you see any light or lights? - I did. 13337. What light or lights did you see? - I saw a red light first, and then the red light disappeared, and I saw a white one. 13338. What did you think the red light was? - I could not say; I put it down to a steamer. 13339. You thought it was the port light of a steamer? - Yes. 13340. How far away did you judge it to be? - About seven or eight miles. 13341. When you saw the white light did you ever see the white light at the same time as you were seeing the red light? Did you see them at the same time? - Yes, at first I did. 13342. (The Commissioner.) Then I do not understand it. I thought you first saw a red light, and then it disappeared, and then you saw a white light? - I saw the red and white, and then the red and white disappeared, and then I saw the white light remain. 13343. You saw both the red and the white light at the same time? - Yes.
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