Page 103 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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13207. Who ordered you in? - Mr. Murdoch. 13208. We have already had some evidence about it from a witness named Mackay, so that one only wants it very shortly. When your boat was lowered, you say Mr. Murdoch gave the order. Was she full? - Yes, quite full she could not hold another soul. 13209. What were the proportions of women and children? - I counted them at daylight as best I could. There were fifty-one women, nine children, seven stewards, two sailors, one fireman, and myself. 13210. Then there were no men passengers in that boat at all? - Yes, there were three male passengers. 13211. I do not think you mentioned them? - No, I did not. 13212. How did the three male passengers come to be there? - I cannot say that. 13213. Was there good order kept in getting them into this boat, No. 11? - Yes, very good order. 13214. Then No. 11 in due course was picked up? - Yes. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 13215. Your proper boat station was, I understand, No. 9? - No. 11. 13216. This boat No. 11 in which you went off, I understand, had not a lamp? - No, not to my knowledge. 13217. Nor a compass? - No. 13218. Had it provisions? - Well, I cannot say if there were any in the provision locker, because we did not look there. 13219. Had it water? - Yes. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 13220. Could you tell me if on the “Titanic” there was any general system of organisation amongst the stewards as to what their duties would be in case of emergency or danger? - In regard to what? 13221. In case of danger - where their posts of duty would be in case of danger from fire or wreck? - Emergency doors, do you mean? 13322. No. Was there any system of organisation among the stewards? - No, only among the heads of the departments; it was left to them. 13223. There was no general system which had been established, was there, and positions allotted to the stewards in case of danger? - Yes, all the stewards were allotted to boats; every man had his boat. 13224. Do I understand that they were allotted to the boats in case of wreck? - Yes. 13225. Then there is no general system or instruction given to them as to taking charge of the different classes and the different sections of the passengers? - No, that is understood with regard to the first, second, and third; they are each in charge of their own departments. 13226. Is it after they have discharged the duty of looking after their own departments that they are supposed to start at the boats? - Yes. 13227. Not before? - No. 13228. Do you say that it was after the stewards had warned the different departments or classes that on this occasion they went up to the boat deck? - Yes, they did not get their orders until everybody had a lifebelt on to the best of their knowledge, and the people were all taken up to the boat deck. 13229. Did you hear instructions given to the stewards to see that all the people were taken up
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