Page 97 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 97
1403. Where the mast comes up - forward of the mast? - It would be about there (pointing on the model). 1404. Port or starboard side? - The port side. 1405. What was the weather? - We could not wish for better weather. 1406. Was it cold? - Well, it was. 1407. When did it begin to get cold? - I noticed it Saturday morning. 1408. Did it get colder and colder after that? - Colder and colder, yes. 1409. I suppose you did not think to look at any thermometers or anything of that sort yourself? - No, I only put on an extra jersey. 1410. You were your own thermometer? - Yes. 1411. I see. Did you hear of any ice? - Well, I knew it was knocking about. 1412. Did you hear it talked of or anything of the sort on board? - Only among my own sailor fellows, that is all. 1413. Discussing the question whether there might be ice? - Yes. 1414. Was that because it was so cold that you did that? - Yes. 1415. Did you not hear any orders about ice from officers? - No, not at all. 1416. You say you had just come out of the mess room when the collision occurred? - Yes. 1417. What did you hear, how did it sound like to you? - It very nearly sent me off my feet. 1418. A hard shock? - Yes. 1419. Was there a loud sound? - Well, I did not take that particular notice. I went to the fore- well deck and there I saw ice on the deck. 1420. Did you see the iceberg? - No, I did not. 1421. You would be down a little way you would not be able to see over the side? - No, we would have passed it. 1422. Where did you see the ice on the deck? - On the fore-well on the starboard side. 1423. Show me on the model how far forward does the well come? - This is the fore-well deck I am touching now (pointing to the model). 1424. How far forward does the well come before the deck begins? - This is the fore-well; it would be about here; that is where we sleep. There is about six yards difference. 1425. Where was the ice just abaft the mast? - About here, in the centre of the fore-well (pointing on the model). 1426. How much ice was there on the deck there? - I suppose, about a couple of tons. 1427. What colour was it? - It was a darkish white. 1428. What happened then, as far as you know? Whom did you see who came? - The first orders I got was up under the bridge; that would be the boatswain’s mate, followed by the boatswain, “All hands up about the boats.” 1429. How long was that after the collision do you suppose? - I suppose, about a quarter of an hour. 1430. What had you been doing in the meantime? - I had been playing nap - playing cards. 1431. Were you playing at nap again after the collision? - No. 1432. What were you doing between the time of the collision and the time you had the order about the boats? - Playing nap. 1433. After the collision? - No, not after the collision; before the collision. 1434. When the collision happened you stopped playing nap? - I stopped before the collision, because I was broke. 1435. Then after the collision what did you do? - I went down below to put on my extra jersey. 1436. Did you put on a lifebelt? - No, not at all. 1437. Had you a lifebelt? - I had one, but I would not put it on. 1438. At that time did you think there was any danger? - Not at all.
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