Page 93 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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1326. You think it would require at least 4 men and someone in charge to look after her properly? - Yes, Sir. 1327. Can you tell me whether any steps were taken to prevent passengers approaching the boat? - Steps were taken as regards the male passengers. They had to stand back and let the women and children get in the boats first. That was the order, Sir. 1328. What method was adopted to see to that? - All the officers had revolvers, as far as I am aware of, Sir. 1329. Did you observe any ropes drawn across the deck in any way? - Not that I am aware of. I never went to the aft side of the bridge, scarcely, from the boat I was stationed in. 1330. These revolvers - were they used at all? - I heard several reports, Sir, but, as regards anything else, I do not know. 1331. You simply heard? - I heard the reports of the revolvers - yes, Sir. 1332. You would not have seen the whole of the deck? - No, I assisted in one boat, and my own boat that I was in. 1333. You would not have seen the whole of the deck? - No. 1334. When you left the ship, what position was she in? Was she well down? - Yes, the ship was well down by the head - well down by the bow, Sir. 1335. Had you any knowledge at all as to wireless messages having been sent? - No. 1336. No knowledge whatever? - No, Sir. Further examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 1337. There are two or three questions that I should like to ask this Witness before my friend, Sir Robert Finlay, or Mr. Laing examines him. I am now going to deal with some questions which I see were put to him in America, because we shall have to call another Witness later on, and as this Witness may not be here then, he should be asked them now. You were examined before the Commission in America - you remember that? - Yes. 1338. Did you say that you started for the light which you expected to be that of a fishing schooner? - I said that, Sir. Yes, I did say that. 1339. You told us here it was a steamer; I see that this is what you said there? - We expected it to be a steamer from the ship, but when I got into the boat and could not get nearer to it, and being calm weather, and then we expected it to be a fishing boat, a cod banger, as we call it. The Commissioner: You led us to suppose that you thought at the time it was a steamer? 1340. (The Attorney-General.) I must point out to you that you said she was disappearing gradually as you were getting towards her? - So she was. 1341. Did you borrow a fireman from one of the other boats to help you to row? - Yes, that was in the morning part, to row back to the “Carpathia.” 1342. Did you say this? “We borrowed a fireman from one of the other boats to help us to row, but we got no nearer the light”? - No, I do not remember saying that. I remember when I got this fireman out of Mr. Bailey’s boat. It was to pull back to the ship. In fact I know we pulled back to the ship immediately I got him aboard, because all the other boats were going ahead of us showing us their lights. 1343. Were you at the tiller through the night? - I was, all the night. 1344. It was very cold? - Bitter cold. 1345. Did you hear cries of distress? - Faintly; yes, Sir. 1346. For several minutes? - I could not say several minutes, for a minute or two. 1347. Did you answer to the question: “Did you hear cries of distress”? Answer, “Yes, for several minutes”? - I think I said for two or three minutes. I do not think I said for several minutes.
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