Page 92 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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crews of the lifeboats, to station a quartermaster to a particular boat? - Yes. In the case of an emergency and a boat being launched the quartermaster not at the wheel would be the likely man to be sent with the boat with the officer in charge. 1310. I want to ask you a question about boat drill. When you have boat drill on the ships you have been sailing on, is it the practice for the seamen and the firemen and the stewards to muster on deck and take their stations in the places that they have to go to if an accident happened? - Always, Sir. 1311. And is it your evidence that on this occasion this was not done? - Not that I remember, Sir. It might have been done, but not to my knowledge. 1312. Had there been any training given to the seamen to your knowledge in the launching and manning of the “Englehardt” collapsible boats? - Not that I am aware of. 1313. Are they as easy to launch as the ordinary lifeboat? - No, they are a little more difficult, Sir, because those boats are swung in. You have to get the boats out, Sir. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 1314. You were given the order to hard-a-starboard? - Yes. 1315. Was that the only order you had as to the helm? - Yes. Mr. Holmes: Because, if your Lordship will remember, the evidence of the Witness Scarrott on Friday was quite the contrary, when he came up on deck. The Commissioner: What did he say? Mr. Holmes: He said that the ship appeared to be under a port helm, and appeared to be going around the iceberg towards the starboard side. The Commissioner: Did he say so? The Attorney-General: Yes, I think so. 1316. (Mr. Holmes.) It is Question 354. (To the Witness.) She never was under a port helm? - She did not come on the port helm, Sir - on the starboard helm. 1317. You said that after you left the “Titanic” the boats that had lights were showing them to each other? - Yes. 1318. Can you say how many boats you saw lights in? - No; I did not count them. 1319. Were there two, or three, or four? - Five or six of us. 1320. Five or six other boats had lights as well as yourself? - Yes. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 1321. Had you ever crossed the Atlantic before? - This was my first time in the North Atlantic, Sir. 1322. So that you had no idea as to the course, whether it was the usual course or not? - No. 1323. With regard to the captain giving an order to the carpenter, did the carpenter return? - I do not know, Sir. 1324. Have you had any experience as a quartermaster? How many able men would be required to successfully man a lifeboat the size of the one you were in? - For drill purposes they take 10 to 12 men. 1325. I mean under circumstances like these that you have been explaining? - They take about 4, Sir, besides somebody in charge to steer the boat.
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