Page 89 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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1239. How many did you see used? - Four. 1240. Four altogether? - But then there was more in the boat than that. 1241. Very well, I understand. Were there any biscuits on board? - Not that I am aware of, Sir. 1242. Did you look for them? - No, Sir. 1243. Then you cannot say? - No. 1244. Was there water on board? - Yes, Sir, there was a breaker of water. 1245. A breaker with water in it? - Yes, Sir. The Commissioner: What is a “breaker,” - a can? 1246. (The Attorney-General.) I understand it is a cask that shape (showing). (To the Witness.) It is a breaker into which you put the water? - A breaker with a bung-hole to it, just like the top of this water-bottle. There was no compass, Sir, and no biscuits. 1247. (The Commissioner.) I thought you said you did not look for the biscuits? - I understood the other two men to say there was no biscuits, my Lord. 1248. (The Attorney-General.) So far as you are concerned you did not look, and so far as you know there were none - that is as I understand it? - Yes. 1249. Did you tell anybody to look? - No, Sir. 1250. You were in charge? - No, Sir, not at that time. 1251. But at any time before you got on to the “Carpathia”? - I heard them say that there was no biscuits when we got to the “Carpathia.” 1252. When you got to the “Carpathia”? - When we got to the “Carpathia.” When we were aboard the “Carpathia.” 1253. Did you look yourself then? - No, I did not look myself then. 1254. You said something about the compass; did you look for a compass? - Yes, Sir. 1255. Was there one? - No, Sir. 1256. Had you a mast and sail on board? - That was taken out of the boat before the boat was launched. 1257. By whom? - By the men that were working about in the boat. 1258. You mean the men uncovering the boat? - The men that were helping to get it out. When the boat was being lowered down out of the rails the passengers took them and laid them on the deck. 1259. When you started, did you start from the ship’s side without any mast or sail? - Yes, Sir. 1260. But there had been a mast and sail in the boat which had been removed before she was launched, is that it? - Yes, Sir. 1261. Does that mean that in the confusion the mast and sail were not taken - is that what you mean, or were any orders given? - No, Sir. They were passed out of the boat to make room, I think. 1262. At any rate, they were passed out of the boat and not passed back into the boat? - Yes. 1263. But you did not hear any special order given about it? - No, Sir. 1264. Now about the boats on the “Carpathia”; were the boats taken on board the “Carpathia”? - Some were. Mine was not. Mine was cut adrift. 1265. Some were taken on board. They were all taken to the “Carpathia,” and then the boat was set adrift - was that it? - Yes. 1266. (The Commissioner.) Do you know how many lifeboats were taken on the “Carpathia”? - I think about 13, my Lord. 1267. Then there were not many cut adrift? - I think there was about two cut adrift, my Lord. 1268. (The Attorney-General.) Do you know anything about the use of glasses for the look- out? Have you acted as look-out at all? - Well, I have been on the look-out, Sir, in mail boats, but not in the White Star Line. 1269. In what mail boats have you been on the look-out? - Troopships chiefly, Sir, and
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