Page 85 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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1136. That is one of the look-out men that we have heard about? - Yes. 1137. When did you count the number of ladies on board? - I counted them as near as I could when we got down to the “Carpathia,” just before we got aboard the “Carpathia.” 1138. Not till then? - No. 1139. (The Commissioner.) That was hours afterwards? - Yes, Sir. 1140. (The Attorney-General.) You may as well tell us - when did you get to the “Carpathia”? - As near as I can tell you about 7 o’clock. We were the last boat to get alongside. [The Attorney-General] That does not tell me anything, but I will take the statement for the moment. The Commissioner: It does not fit in with the other evidence. 1141. (The Attorney-General.) It depends on clocks, and so on. There is some difficulty in arriving at the time. (To the Witness.) When the order was given to lower away, did you hear any question asked as to whether there were any others ready to go on the boat? Did you hear any such question as that? - I do not remember, Sir. 1142. (The Commissioner.) I think you will remember if you think about it? - No, I do not remember, my Lord. 1143. Do you know what you were asked? - Yes, my Lord. 1144. What were you asked? - If there was any more passengers asked to get on board before the boat was lowered away. 1145. Do you mean to tell me that you do not remember whether the people waiting on deck were asked to get into your boat. You know there was room in it; there was room in your boat. Was no one asked of those people who were standing about on deck if they were going into the boat? - Oh, yes, my Lord. The officer asked for them to get into the boat then - women and children first. 1146. And then what did they say - those that remained behind? - They were talking between themselves; they would rather stay aboard of the ship. 1147. (The Attorney-General.) Now let us go back for a moment. You told us he asked to go on board - the women and children first. That was the first order to passengers to get into the boat? - Yes. 1148. Then, as I understand you, a number did get into the boat? - Yes. 1149. Then your boat was not full? - The Second Officer would not allow any more in my boat. 1150. Did you hear the Second Officer give any order? - I heard the Second Officer say; “Lower the boat away,” yes, Sir. 1151. You said just now that he would not allow any more people to get into your boat. Did you see anybody wanting to get into your boat who was stopped? - No, Sir. 1152. But there were people there then, I suppose? - Plenty of men there. 1153. Did he stop them? - He did not. 1154. I do not understand what you mean by saying he would not allow any more to get into the boat. How do you know that? - Because the boat was lowered away. There was enough people in the boat. 1155. Did he say that? - I think so, as much as I can remember. 1156. What do you remember he said? - I think he said, “Lower away.” 1157. Did you hear anything said at all about, “There is enough people in the boat”? - I do not hardly remember, Sir. 1158. What! You can hardly remember? You said just now you thought “there was enough people in the boat” - I do not care about the particular words. Did you hear anything like that said? - I do not remember, Sir - only “Lower away the boat.” That is all I remember. 1159. Then, when the boat was lowered, did you have any order as to what you were to do? -
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