Page 79 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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message, and say “Thank you”? - Yes. I heard Mr. Moody repeat, “Iceberg right ahead.” 983. To whom did he repeat that? - To Mr. Murdoch, the First Officer. 984. “Iceberg right ahead”; is that what he said? - Yes. 985. Repeating what he had heard from the telephone message? - Yes. 986. And then what happened? - I heard Mr. Murdoch rush to the telegraph and give the order, “Hard-a-starboard.” 987. When you say he rushed to the telegraph, is that the telegraph to the engine room you are speaking of? - Yes. 988. The order, “Hard a starboard,” was to you? - Yes. The Commissioner: What order did he give to the engine room? 989. (The Attorney-General.) I do not think he knows. (To the Witness.) Do you know what order it was that was telegraphed down to the engine room? - No. 990. I think your Lordship will hear that it was, “Stop: full speed astern.” Now just for a minute give me your attention on the point of speed. You have told us according to the log that the speed was 45 knots in two hours? - Yes. 991. Up to the time of hearing the three bells struck, was there any change of the speed at which the vessel was proceeding? - No, none whatever. 992. And the order, if any, that was given with regard to the speed would be the order by telegraph to the engine room, which you have told us you do not know? - I do not quite understand you. 993. You have told us what happened; first of all, the signal of the three bells, then the telephone message, then it was repeated to the First Officer, “Iceberg right ahead”; then the First Officer went to the telegraph to give an order to the engine room and gave you the order, “Hard- a-starboard”? - Yes. 994. At any rate up to his going to the telegraph as I follow you, there was no change of speed? - No, Sir. 995. What that order was you do not know? - No, Sir. 996. Then “Hard a starboard,” and you immediately put up your helm? - Hard a starboard. 997. Right over? - Yes. 998. What is it, 35 degrees? - Forty degrees. 999. Then you got the helm right over? - Right over, Sir. 1000. Then she comes round two points and then strikes. Is that right? - The vessel veered off two points; she went to the southward of west. 1001. And then struck? - Yes. 1002. Were there blinds in the wheelhouse? - Yes. 1003. They were all closed? - Always closed just after sunset. 1004. And no lights were in the wheelhouse at all except the compass light? - And the small light. 1005. And the small light on the course board? - Yes. The Commissioner: Have you a green board here with some small wooden models? The Attorney-General: No. The Commissioner: You know what I want? The Attorney-General: Yes. The Commissioner: The report from the crow’s-nest was “Iceberg ahead.” 1006. (The Attorney-General.) “Iceberg right ahead.” (To the Witness.) The helm was put hard- a-starboard? - Yes. 1007. And the ship moved two points? - Yes. 1008. Assuming the iceberg was right ahead, I should like to see what difference the two points would make, and what part of the ship would then be presented to the iceberg? - Yes.
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