Page 77 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 77
right, is it not? - Yes. 929. Until daylight and pass the word along to the look-out man? - Yes. 930. That would be sending the message to the man in the crow’s-nest and telling him to pass it along to the man who would relieve him? - Yes. 931. Who was in charge of the bridge at that time? - The Second Officer, Mr. Lightoller. 932. Who were the other officers with him at this time? - The Sixth Officer, Mr. Moody, and Mr. Boxhall, the Fourth Officer. 933. Mr. Lightoller, the Second Officer, Mr. Boxhall, the Fourth Officer, and Mr. Moody, the Sixth Officer? - Yes. 934. Were they all on the bridge at this time? - Yes. 935. Did you relieve Quartermaster Oliver? - I did. 936. At what time? - Ten o’clock. 937. What was the course given to you? - N. 71º W. 938. Do you know what was the course which was given to Quartermaster Oliver? - That was the same course. 939. Was there a course-board in the wheelhouse? - Yes. 940. Was there anything on the course-board to indicate the course you were to steer? - Yes, N. 71º. 941. That was on the course-board? - That was on the course-board, the steering compass. 942. Was she a good steering ship? - Fairly well, yes. 943. Up to the time of the collision did she vary from her course at all? - Not that I am aware of, not more than a degree on either side. 944. Were there two clocks in the wheelhouse? - Yes. 945. Do you remember the vessel striking? - Yes. 946. Did you notice the time when she struck? - Yes. 947. What was it? - Twenty minutes to twelve. 948. Had you had any instructions before she struck? Had you been told to do anything with your helm before she struck? - Just as she struck I had the order “Hard-a-starboard” when she struck. 949. Just as she struck, is that what you said? - Not immediately as she struck; the ship was swinging. We had the order, “Hard-a-starboard,” and she just swung about two points when she struck. 950. You got the order, “Hard-a-starboard”? - Yes. 951. Had you time to get the helm hard a starboard before she struck? - No, she was crashing then. 952. Did you begin to get the helm over? - Yes, the helm was barely over when she struck. The ship had swung about two points. 953. She had swung two points? - Yes. 954. (The Commissioner.) Do let me understand; had she swung two points before the crash came? - Yes, my Lord. 955. (The Attorney-General.) I am not quite sure that I understand what you had done to the helm before this. You had got an order, “Hard-a-starboard”? -“Hard-a-starboard,” yes. 956. You proceeded at once to put the wheel hard-a-starboard? - Immediately, yes. 957. Before the vessel struck had you had time to get the wheel right over? - The wheel was over then, hard over. 958. (The Commissioner.) Before she struck? - Oh yes, hard over before she struck. The Attorney-General: I rather understood him to say the opposite before. I do not think he understood. The Commissioner: Let me see if I understand it. Someone gave an order, “Hard-a-starboard”?
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