Page 74 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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848. (The Commissioner.) But you knew what to do; you knew you had to get away from the side of the ship? - Yes, we had to get away from the side. 849. (Mr. Holmes.) Were you alone the whole time in your boat till you got to the “Carpathia,” or were you one of the four boats that were tied up together under the charge of Mr. Lowe? - No; our boat was alone. Examined by MR. LEWIS. 850. How long have you been employed by the White Star Company? - I have come out of the Union Castle Company into the White Star Company. 851. Have you ever served on any other ship? - Yes. 852. Have you ever had a boat station given to you on any other ships of the White Star Company? - Yes. 853. Have you taken part in boat drill? - I have always had boat drill in New York. 854. On the Sunday? - Yes, on the Sunday morning. 855. (The Commissioner.) Is that the practice of the White Star Line? - I believe so. 856. Then is it the practice to have a boat drill before you start from Southampton? - Your names are called out; the fire stations and boat stations are given when you go on the ship. Your name is called out and you are generally told. 857. Told what? - Where to go. As you go along there; your name is called out; there are many of you there and you do not take much notice like. 858. You say that it was usual to have boat drill on Sunday at New York? - Yes. 859. Sunday comes after Saturday. I suppose in those circumstances you would not have a boat drill on Saturday. You would not have one on Saturday and one on Sunday? - No. 860. Therefore, on this line the lifeboat drill is on Sunday, is it? - Yes. 861. Is it usual to have a boat drill before the vessel leaves Southampton? - Yes. 862. Had you one on this occasion? - I cannot remember now. 863. I thought you told me a little time ago that you had not had one. Which am I to understand, either that you had not one or that you cannot remember? - I do not remember now, Sir; I cannot say. 864. (Mr. Lewis.) Were you on joining the ship told the number of your boat? Were you informed at any time of it? - I could not say. 865. Now, with regard to this list, have you ever noticed the boat list posted anywhere when leaving Southampton? - I have never looked - not the day of leaving Southampton. 866. Have you ever noticed it? - I never looked, not to see for certain the first day away. 867. You cannot say? - No. 868. Did you meet any other boat after you left the ship? - So many boats were all round; we could see the other boats round. 869. Do you remember any one in particular and anyone on the boat hailing it? - Someone hailed leading stoker Barrett on our boat, but I could not say who it was. 870. What boat was it? - I do not know the number. 871. Did you observe the boat? - Yes, we were close to it. They sung out, “Barrett, have you got any more room in that boat?” and he said, “No, full up.” 872. Did you observe how high it was out of the water? - No, I did not take much notice of that. Examined by SIR ROBERT FINLAY. 873. How long was it before the ship sailed that you joined at Southampton? - I joined her
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