Page 67 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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see it. 688. Does that mean to say you could have seen it but did not look? - I heard someone say it was put up, but did not look. 689. Therefore you did not know which was your boat? - No, Sir. 690. And that was because you had not looked to see? - Yes, I did not look to see. That is right, Sir. 690a. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) You say you heard a list had been put up that day? - Yes, that morning. 691. Had you looked to see if there was a list before that day? - There was no list before that day. 691a. (The Commissioner.) Had you looked, was the question. You did not look for this one. Had you looked to see whether there was a list? - Yes, Sir. 692. When did you look to see if there was a list? - You generally see anything put up like that. 693. When did you look to see if there was a list? - When I was going about in the daytime. 694. But when - how many days before? - I was in the room, and I did not see any notice up. 695. Answer the question. You say you looked for this list some time before, and that you did not see it. When was it you looked for it? - The second day out. 696. Did you tell anyone the list was not there? - No, I did not say anything about it. 697. Why did not you tell someone that the list was not there, if it was not there? - I never took any more notice of it. 698. Then you say you looked and found it was not there and you said nothing. Is that right? - Yes, that is right. 699. And then on the morning of the day on which the collision took place you know there was a list there hanging up? - I never saw it. 700. You did not look? - No. 700a. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) And not knowing where to go to, what your boat was, what did you do? Where did you go? - I went aft on to the boat deck, and across to the starboard side, and stood on the deck of the ship by the boat and one foot on the boat and one foot on the lifeboat, like that, and helped the ladies and children in that were there, and the order was given by the officer then, “Lower away the boat, that will do.” 701. Which boat was it? - No. 13. 702. No. 13 on the starboard side? - Yes. 703. Who was looking after that? Was there an officer there looking after it? - On the deck giving orders, yes. The Commissioner: This is the starboard side (pointing to the plan.) Tell me where No. 13 boat was. The Attorney-General: Is not the model better for him, my Lord? The Commissioner: That is also the starboard side? The Attorney-General: Yes. The Commissioner: Now show me No. 13. (The Witness indicated the position on the model.) 703a. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Was there an officer looking after the loading of that boat? - Yes. 704. Who was he, do you know? - No, I could not say who he was. 705. Did he give you any order? - He said, “That will do in that boat. Who can pull oars?” I said, “I can.” He said, “Get into that boat. Lower away. That will do.” 706. How long were you there before the order to lower away was given? - I could not say how long it was. 707. Did you help many people to get into the boat? - Yes. The order was given, “That will do; that is enough for that boat,” and I stepped into the boat and went away with it.
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