Page 62 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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any colder or warmer on that day? - Colder. It was very cold after sundown. 651. Colder than it had been yet on the voyage? - Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) The Commissioner: I do not propose to go any further, but I want to ask whether you think it would be of service if I and my colleagues were to go down to Southampton to see the “Olympic”? The Attorney-General: I think it would. The Commissioner: If so we will make arrangements to be there at some time that fits in with the trains on Monday. The Attorney-General: If your Lordship pleases. Sir Robert Finlay: Everything will be ready on Monday. The Commissioner: Very well, then, we will arrange amongst ourselves, and let you know by what train we propose to go. We had, perhaps, better do it now. We can get a railway guide. The Attorney-General: As a result of today’s experience, particularly having regard to inquiries which have been made, we think it would be quite well to stop where we are. There is a considerable improvement today both by the sounding-board and bringing us closer. The Commissioner: I am very glad to hear that because I understand the arrangements have all been made, and it would be very difficult to undo them. The Attorney-General: Yes, I think it is very much better to stay. The Commissioner: Well, I hear you very well. I do not know whether you hear me, but I hear you. Sir Robert Finlay: Yes, it is really very much better. The Attorney-General: We have a number of Witnesses here, and I think it is an obvious disadvantage to have a lot of these men here when they may not be wanted on a particular day. What it is proposed to do, therefore, is to have as many Witnesses here on Tuesday as can usefully be examined during that day, and leave the rest out. The Commissioner: That is a matter that I must leave entirely to you. I am told there is a train at 10.15 on Monday morning for Southampton, whether it is true or not I do not know, but I have it on fairly reliable authority. If it is I propose we should go down by that train. Mr. Laing: There is a train about 10, my Lord. The Commissioner: Very well then, we will leave it in that way. We will be at Waterloo to take that train about 10, and we shall expect somebody at Southampton to look after us and to insure that we see what we want to see. (Adjourned to Tuesday next, at 10.30 o’clock.)
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