Page 59 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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570. (Mr. Quillium.) Were you close upon it? - I did not see the iceberg after we were away in the boat, not till daylight. 571. At any time you could not see the iceberg when you were away in the boat? - Well, we really did not look for it. 572. It was only in the morning time you noticed the iceberg. With regard to rafts, did you see any of them lowered into the water? - No. 573. Were you the last boat to leave? - No. 574. How many rafts did you see at daylight? - Two. 575. Did you see any rafts floating about without passengers or crew on them? - No, none at all. 576. There was no practice before the “Titanic” left the port - no practice as to lowering the lifeboats or manipulating them? - Yes, there was practice. The Commissioner: You must not put questions of that kind, which are directly contrary to the evidence. The evidence is that there was practice at Southampton. Mr. Quillium: Very well, my Lord. The Commissioner: Whether it was sufficient or not is a different matter. 577. (Mr. Quillium.) You saw practice, but you are not in a position to say whether there was any lowering of the lifeboats or not, or whether they came adrift after the boat went down? - Do you mean on the night of the accident or at Southampton? 578. On the night of the accident? - On the night of the accident I saw three boats lowered. 579. Three of the rafts? - No, not rafts, boats, ordinary lifeboats. 580. You saw no rafts lowered at all? - No. 581. (The Commissioner.) He never saw any rafts until he saw the two in the water, I understand? - That is correct, my Lord. 582. (Mr. Scanlan.) Were the falls of all the boats long enough? - Yes. Mr. Holmes: May I ask a question? The Commissioner: Who are you? 583. (Mr. Holmes.) I made an application, my Lord, on behalf of the officers. (To the Witness.) You told me two shots were fired by Mr. Lowe into the water? - Yes. 584. No shots were fired at anyone? - No. 585. And did you hear any other shots fired at all? - Yes. 586. Where? - After we came back from the wreckage where we had taken one of those rafts in tow, Mr. Lowe emptied his pistol into the water; as regards the number of rounds left in it I cannot say, but I think he emptied five rounds out of it. 587. But all shots were fired into the water? - Yes. 588. (Mr. Lewis.) I represent the British Seafarers’ Union. I understand you helped to lower the boats? - To turn them out, not to lower them - to turn them out ready for lowering. 589. How many men would have been there? - Three. 590. Then you proceeded to another boat? - Yes. 591. You did not take the three men who were assisting you on to the next boat, and so on? - We divided ourselves as we came on the boat deck; we each went so many to a boat, irrespective of any number whatever, and as we got the boats out so we passed on to another one. 592. When you reached the next boat, was anyone there? - Yes, there was somebody there. In some cases there was one man there working, and in some cases there were two, and perhaps three. 593. Then you assisted? - Yes. 594. As you came to each boat there were not sufficient men there - The Commissioner: Do not ask questions by making statements; ask the question. 595. (Mr. Lewis.) Were there enough men there when you came to the boat to prepare and
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