Page 43 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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The Commissioner: But, Mr. Scanlan, you must be a little reasonable. Did he know all the other men? He cannot answer that question. 298. (Mr. Scanlan.) Very well, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Did you know in point of fact of your own knowledge how many seamen were on board? - No. The Commissioner: It is no use asking him that question, because if he said he did I should not believe him. 299. (Mr. Scanlan.) Were the collapsible boats tested at all? - I could not tell you that, Sir. 300. You did not see it? - No. 301. From what part of the ship did the passengers come who were on your boat? - I would have a hard job to say; they were on deck when I got there. 302. Did you have instructions not to allow men on board? - Yes. 303. (The Commissioner.) Men as distinguished from women? Mr. Scanlan: Yes, male passengers. The Witness: Yes. 304. Had the lifeboat a compass? - No, Sir, not on board. 305. Should a lifeboat have a compass? - I do not think it is much use in an open sea like that. A compass is no good to anyone, it is all right if you see the land and know where you are. The Commissioner: Would you ask him the question, do lifeboats carry compasses as a rule? 306. (Mr. Scanlan.) Yes, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Do lifeboats as a rule carry compasses? - There is one on board for every boat. 307. Where is it kept on board? - I do not know where it is kept on the big ship - on the “Titanic.” 308. Whose duty is it to put on board the lifeboats all that is required in the way of provisions and appliances? - That is done in port; I could not say. 309. Is it done in port before the commencement of the voyage? - Yes. The Commissioner: Do they put water on board before the commencement of the voyage? 310. (Mr. Scanlan.) Do they put water in the boat? - Yes, there is water in every boat. 311. (The Commissioner.) And how often is it changed; ever? - I could not say. 312. But have you known it ever changed? - I have never seen it. 313. And what food do they put on board? - A box of biscuits. 314. Is the box of biscuits kept on board the lifeboats while they are swung on the deck as we see them in this model? Has every lifeboat a box of biscuits? - I think so, Sir. 315. Or is a box of biscuits put on board when the lifeboat is being lowered into the water? - I do not know; I have never seen any on board; I could not say. 316. Have you ever seen any on board any lifeboat? - No, Sir. 317. (Mr. Scanlan.) There were not any of these things in yours - neither water nor biscuits? - Yes, there was water; but as to biscuits, I cannot say. I do not think anyone looked. 318. (Mr. Lewis.) There is one question I should like to ask first with regard to the speed. Could you say what speed you were going at? - No. The Commissioner: He does not know anything of that kind. 319. (Mr. Lewis.) I am merely asking the Witness whether he noticed any appreciable difference in the speed on the Sunday, the day of the accident, and on the Saturday; could you say? - I could not say anything about that. 320. You did not see any difference? - No. 321. With regard to glasses, did you make any personal application to anyone? - My mate did, Sir. The Commissioner: He says his mate told him that he did. The Witness: Yes. 322. (Mr. Lewis.) Which one? - Symons.
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