Page 40 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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212. Did you ask for them? - Yes. 213. Whom did you ask? - My mate went and asked. I do not know who he asked - I did not ask. 214. (Chairman.) You did not ask? - No, I did not ask. 215. (Mr. Scanlan.) You did not ask yourself? - No. 216. Do you derive much help from the glasses when you are on the look-out? - Yes, they are very useful. 217. I think you said there was no look-out man forward? [No answer.] 218. (The Commissioner.) Will you tell me this: How often have you used glasses? - Well, we had them on the “Oceanic”; we used them there all the time. 219. How often have you used them in your life? - Well, I have used several glasses, not on the look-out. 220. But I am talking of on the look-out. How often in your life have you used glasses on the look-out? - Only on the “Oceanic.” 221. How often did you use them there? - Oh! very often. 222. Did you see anyone else using them? - Yes, my mate. 223. How many had you? - Only one pair. 224. And where were they kept? - In a little bag on a little box in the crow’s-nest. 225. Was there a box or bag on the “Titanic” for these glasses? - There was a box there. 226. But nothing in it? - No, nothing in it. 227. (Mr. Scanlan.) Did you look in the box on the occasion of your first watch to find out if there were glasses there? - Yes. 228. So that you are quite certain that from the commencement of the voyage you were not supplied with glasses? - Yes, we never had any glasses. 229. Tell me this: Is it usual on liners to have a look-out man stationed forward of the crow’s- nest? - Well, it is not all big liners that have lookout men. 230. (The Commissioner.) How many liners have you been on? - Only the “Titanic” and the “Oceanic.” 231. Have you ever been working on any other liners? - No, only sailing ships. 232. Then your knowledge is confined to these two vessels? - That is right. 233. How many voyages have you made on the “Oceanic”? - Seven or eight. 234. And half a one on this? - Yes. 235. (Mr. Scanlan.) Was the “Titanic” provided with a flashlight? - What do you mean? 236. Was there any electric light - any searchlight? - I never saw any. I could not say that. 237. (The Commissioner.) Was there one on the “Oceanic”? - I never saw any. I do not think so. 238. (Mr. Scanlan.) At the time you were taken on board the “Carpathia,” was your boat full? - Well, nearly full. 239. Could you even then have accommodated a few more? - Very few. 240. You stated in answer to the Solicitor-General, that when your watch was finished, your watch finishing, I think at 10, you passed on to the two men who succeeded you the information you had got? - Yes, that was my orders from the bridge. 241. That ice was ahead? - Yes. The Solicitor-General: His orders were to keep a sharp look out for ice. 242. (Mr. Scanlan.) You had a warning about ice? - Yes, and I passed the word along. 243. Is it usual for a man on the look-out - is it part of his duty to pass the word along in these circumstances? - Yes. 244. Now, did the two watchmen whom you and your mate replace, give you any word? - No, they had had no message then.
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