Page 34 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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out men? - Hogg and Evans. 37. And do they always work in the same pairs? - Yes, always. 38. You and Symons, Hogg and Evans, and Fleet and Lee? - Yes. 39. Then you had relieved at 8 o’clock, had you, Hogg and Evans? - Yes. 40. And you in your turn were relieved at 10 o’clock by Fleet and Lee? - Yes. 41. And up to the time you went off duty, you had not seen any ice at all? - Not any. 42. Just tell us, supposing that something is seen ahead and you want to send the warning, how is it done from the crow’s-nest? - Strike the bell three times. 43. And is that a bell hanging in the crow’s-nest? - Yes, a big bell. 44. Then you can telephone from the crow’s-nest to the bridge? - Yes. 45. And do the look-out men use the telephone to the bridge from time to time? - Yes. 46. Now, supposing that during your watch, the 8 to 10 watch, there had been any ice and you had seen it, what would you have done; would you ring the bell and then telephone? - Yes, to tell them what it was. 47. However, nothing of that sort happened while you were on duty? - Nothing at all. 48. (The Solicitor-General.) My Lord, we have picked out this Witness because he begins the story, but of course he can also speak to a few matters after the casualty, and perhaps it is as well to take them now. (To the Witness.) When you went off duty at 10 o’clock and went below, did you go to bed - turn in? - Yes, I went to bed. 49. And what was the next thing you knew? - The boatswain came below and called all hands on deck. I heard the crash first; that woke me up. 50. You were woke up were you by the crash? - Yes. 51. What did you do then? - Ran on deck to see what it was. 52. What did you see? - I saw some ice on the well deck on the starboard side. 53. You mean the forewell deck, I expect? - Yes. 54. Did others turn out at the same time with you? - Yes. 55. And saw it too? - Yes. 56. What did you do then? - Went down and put on some clothes. We all went below. They did not think there was any harm. 57. Do you mean you turned in again? - No, we did not turn in. 58. Then you spoke about the boatswain coming. How long after was that? - Not long. I cannot say exactly the time. He came and called all hands on deck. I could not tell you exactly the time; it was not long. 59. Then, when the boatswain came and called all hands on deck, did you go on deck with the others? - Yes, all hands went on the deck. 60. Had you got a station? - Yes, at my own boat. 61. Which was your boat? - Number 7. 62. (The Commissioner.) Were the engines revolving at this time? 63. (The Solicitor-General.) I will ask him, my Lord. We have evidence to show that they were not; that they were stopped at once. (To the Witness.) Did you notice whether the engines had stopped? - The ship was stopped when I looked over the side. 64. Now I was just going to ask you about your boat station. Which was your boat? - Number 7. 65. How do they number them on the “Titanic”; how do the numbers run? - Well, all odd numbers on the starboard side; even numbers on the port. 66. And your boat was No. 7, you say? - Yes. 67. One on the starboard side? - Yes. 68. Then just take the odd numbers; do they run forward aft? - Yes. 69. The fourth boat on the starboard side. Now how did you know that that was your boat? - We had got a boat list right in front of our forecastle.
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