Page 33 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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set of look-outs? - Yes, six special look-outs. 4. You were one of the six? - Yes. 5. Now on the night of that Sunday, the 14th April, which was your look-out - which was your watch? - From 8 to 10. 6. And where were you - were you in the crow’s-nest or at the forecastle-head, or where? - In the crow’s-nest on watch. 7. Was there a second look-out with you in the crow’s-nest? - Yes, there were two, one at a time. 8. There were two of you together in the crow’s-nest? - Yes. 9. Who was the man who was with you? - Symons. He is back in New York. 10. And he was saved too, was he? - Yes. 11. Then those are the two in the crow’s-nest. Then are there two on the bridge? - No. 12. Are there two forward? - No, not in clear weather; we take two hours each. 13. Let us just get it clear. There was you and there was Symons in the crow’s-nest. Were there no other look-out men on duty? - No, not so long as the weather was clear. 14. Then on this night, during your watch from 8 to 10, was the weather clear? - Yes. 15. Was there any moon? - No, I never see no moon. 16. Was it starry? - Yes. 17. Now do you remember when you were on your watch, from 8 to 10, any message coming to you about ice? - Yes, about 9.30. 18. What was the message? - To keep a sharp look-out for all ice, big and small. 19. How did the message come to you? - On the telephone; we have a telephone in the crow’s- nest. 20. That was telephoned up to the crow’s-nest, and where was the telephone from? - From the bridge. 21. Then it would be the officer on the bridge who would telephone to you? - Yes. 22. Do you happen to know who it was - which officer it was? - I could not say. I think the second officer was on watch at the time. 23. Up to that time, up to the time you got that message, had you seen any ice? - No. 24. And after you got that message until you went off duty, did you keep a sharp look-out? - Yes, and passed the word along. 25. And did you see any ice? - No. 26. (The Commissioner.) What do you mean by “passed the word along” - to keep a sharp look-out for ice? - To the other look-out. 27. How far does the other look-out stand from you? - They relieve me from the nest. 28. (The Solicitor-General.) The two of you were together in the crow’s-nest, and you would be relieved at 10 o’clock? - Yes, that is right. 29. And when you were relieved at 10 o’clock did you hand on this message? - Yes. 30. Who were the look-out men who relieved you at 10 o’clock? - Fleet and Lee. 31. I think Fleet has given evidence in New York? - Yes. 32. So he was saved? - Yes; all the look-out men were saved. 33. And Lee was saved as well? - Yes. 34. Do you know whether Lee has given evidence in New York? - I do not know. He has been kept back. 35. (The Commissioner.) What age are you? - Twenty-three. The Solicitor-General: There are six of them, my Lord, and we had better have the names of the other two. The Commissioner: Yes. 36. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) Just give us the names of the remaining two look-
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