Page 244 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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suggestion made? You heard none? - No, not then, not till just before we were picked up - after we sighted the “Carpathia.” 5268. After you sighted her there was a suggestion? - Yes. 5269. Who made the suggestion? - This Duff-Gordon. 5270. What did he say? - He said he would make us a little present for this and send a wire privately to our homes to let them know we were all right. 5271. And also himself I suppose? - I suppose so. 5272. Did the other lady that was in the boat give you any promise? - No. 5273. She said nothing at all? - No. 5274. Did the American give you any promise? - No. Sir Robert Finlay: I have communicated with my friend Mr. Aspinall that we desire that this Witness should be detained. The Commissioner: Yes. Sir Robert Finlay: Perhaps your Lordship will allow my friend Mr. Laing to examine tomorrow morning. The Commissioner: Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) (Adjourned to tomorrow at 10.30 o’clock.)
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