Page 241 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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Examined by Mr. EDWARDS. 5178. Did you see the second lady get into the boat? - No, I did not. 5179. What age lady was she? - I could not tell you. 5180. Was it in fact Mrs. Astor? - I could not tell you. 5181. Have you heard that it was Mrs. Astor? - No, I do not know her. 5182. Have you seen what purports to be an article by Lady Duff-Gordon making accusations against the crew of this particular boat? - Say that again, will you? 5183. When you were in New York, did you see an article written by Lady Duff-Gordon concerning this boat? - What do you mean, an article? 5184. Well, some writing in a newspaper? - No. 5185. Have you heard that there was such an article? - I heard there was something printed about Lady Duff-Gordon calling everyone down, or something of that. 5186. And calling down the members of your particular crew? - No, I do not think so; I never heard anything about that. 5187. Was any money given to you by any passengers when you got on the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 5188. What did you receive? - An order for £5. 5189. Who was that from? - Duff-Gordon. 5190. What did the other members of the crew get? - The same. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 5191. I take it as far as you are concerned you were prepared to go back? - Yes. 5192. The fact that you afterwards received £5 did not weigh with you. You did not know at the time you were to receive £5, I take it? - No. 5193. (The Commissioner.) Are you sure? - Yes. 5194. (Mr. Lewis.) You swear that no offer was made at the time? - No. 5195. (The Commissioner.) Then the present of the £5 came as an agreeable surprise when you got on board the “Carpathia”? - Oh yes, of course. I think it was the day before we docked in New York we got that. 5196. It was on board the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 5197. (Mr. Lewis.) I take it that if there was an arrangement with any of the other members of the crew to do a certain thing for a certain price, they would of necessity give the same sum all round? - Yes. The Commissioner: You seem to understand all about it. I do not know why they should. Mr. Lewis: I am putting the question, my Lord. 5198. (The Commissioner.) You do not put a question; you make a statement. If you would put questions it would be far better. (To the Witness.) Did you see this money given to the others? - Yes. 5199. Were you all together when the money was given? - Yes. 5200. Where were you? - On the promenade deck of the “Carpathia.” 5201. And who gave it to you? - Duff-Gordon. 5202. Mr. Duff-Gordon? - Yes. 5203. Did he call you all together? - Yes, we all went up together. 5204. Did he call you up? - He sent for us, I believe. 5205. And you all went up? - We all went up. 5206. Did you know what you were going for? - No.
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