Page 237 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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could. 5069a. (The Commissioner.) He has just told me in his opinion it would have been dangerous. It would have been dangerous, but we certainly could have gone back. 5070. (Mr. Scanlan.) If you had taken precautions, there being seven of you there could not you have restricted the number of people you would give shelter and accommodation to so as not to swamp your boat? - That all depends on the way you go in amongst them. We have no lights to see clear to go ahead. 5071. You had no lights? - No. 5072. Do you mean there was no lamp or lantern in the boat? - Not a lamp or lantern. 5073. Not a compass? - No. 5074. Nor biscuits? - Nor biscuits. 5075. Not a sea anchor? - No, there was no sea anchor. 5076. Nor water? - There was a breaker there; whether there was water in it or not I do not know. 5077. (The Commissioner.) Did you look for all those things? - We looked for a light. 5078. Did you look for a compass? - We looked for a compass. 5079. What do you want the compass for? - I do not know; I do not understand them. 5080. Was there anyone there who did understand them? - I suppose so; there were two seamen there. 5081. What did they want the compass for? - To know what latitude and longitude they were in. What does a ship want a compass for? 5082. A ship wants it to navigate? - And it is the same with a boat. A boat would want it to navigate. 5082a. (Mr. Scanlan.) What time was it when you were taken on board the “Carpathia”? 5083. (The Commissioner.) Wait a minute. Did you look for biscuits? - Yes, they looked for biscuits, I believe. I heard them say there was none there. 5084. Did you look for biscuits? - No. 5085. Did you see anybody look for biscuits? - No, I heard them saying there was none there. 5086. Did anyone want any water? - Not that I know of. 5087. Then you had no occasion to look into the breaker to see if there was water? - No. 5088. Did you look for a sea anchor? - No. 5089. Did anyone look for it? - No. 5090. (Mr. Scanlan.) In the morning, when you were being taken on board the “Carpathia,” it was broad daylight, was it not? - Yes. 5091. I suppose then you and everybody else could see whether those things were on board or not? - We never troubled about looking for them then. 5092. Could you tell my Lord the name of the officer on the “Titanic” who ordered the No. 1 lifeboat to be lowered with only five passengers in it? - No, I could not tell you who he was; I did not know him. 5093. Did any officer order you to lower? - The people on the deck were lowering the boat. 5094. (The Commissioner.) You did not lower it, of course? - No. 5095. (Mr. Scanlan.) Did anyone tell you to lower it? - That is a ridiculous question to ask, because we did not lower the boat. The Commissioner: He would not lower it. 5096. (Mr. Scanlan.) At the time of starting to lower you would be on a level with the boat deck? - Certainly. 5097. Therefore you were in a position to hear whatever order was given for lowering, if any order was given? - I heard the order, as I told you, “Lower away,” but we did not lower the boat away.
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