Page 236 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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5039. Did you ascertain in the course of the night who those male passengers were? - I knew afterwards one of their names. 5040. What was the name? - Duff-Gordon. 5041. He was a first-class passenger? - As far as I know. 5042. Did you learn the names of the others? - No, I did not. I think his wife was there - Lady Duff-Gordon. 5043. Those are two. Now who are the others? - I do not know the others. 5044. Was there a servant of Sir Duff-Gordon there? - I do not know. 5045. A valet? - I do not know. 5046. How long before the sinking of the ship was it that No.1 boat was lowered? - About three-quarters of an hour. 5047. I want to put this to you specially: Can you recollect whether this passenger whose name you found out, or any other passenger, objected specially to your going to the assistance of the drowning people? - Only those I have mentioned; no one else; only Sir Duff-Gordon and his wife and this other lady passenger, whoever she was. 5048. Did his wife object? - Yes, they were scared to go back for fear of being swamped. 5049. (The Commissioner.) Will you tell me this: Was there, as far as you know, any danger of No. 1 boat being swamped if you did go back? - It would certainly be dangerous. Mr. Scanlan: Now tell me this: How would it be dangerous, considering that you had a crew of seven in the boat, to go amongst the people who were screaming for help in the sea? The Commissioner: Will you ask him if he heard anybody scream? I have not caught that he has said so yet. 5050. (Mr. Scanlan.) Did you hear people screaming for help? - Yes. 5051. Of course I take it that you obeyed the orders you got from the officer and rowed to a distance of 200 yards? - Yes. 5052. Is it not therefore clear that when the “Titanic” sank a number of people who had been left behind were in the water? - Yes. 5053. Just beside you? - Well, they were some distance off; they were not beside us. 5054. Will you tell my Lord what distance they were off? - About 200 yards. 5055. Then the cries of those unfortunate people would be heard by you and everyone in your boat? - Yes, certainly, we all heard them. 5056. You said, and it is to your credit, that you suggested that you should go back to the help of those people? - Yes; I proposed going back and they would not hear of it. 5057. In the presence of those cries for help from the drowning, were you the only one in the boat to propose to go back to the rescue? - I never heard anyone else. 5058. (The Commissioner.) Do you know the names of the other members of the crew who were on board this boat of yours? - I know the names of three or four. 5059. Give me their names? - There were Simmons [Symons], the Coxswain, myself, and Collins. 5060. What was he? - A fireman - Sheath. 5061. What was he? - A trimmer - Taylor. 5062. What was he? - A fireman. 5063. Who else? - That is all I know the names of. 5064. That is 4, and then yourself? - Yes. 5065. (Mr. Scanlan.) When Lady Duff-Gordon objected did her husband reprove her? - Yes. 5066. What? - Well, he upheld her in what she said. 5067. He did not try to instill courage into her and get you back? - No. 5068. With your knowledge of seamanship you were anxious to go back? - Yes. 5069. And you believed, I presume, that you could quite safely have gone back? - Yes, we
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