Page 225 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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the front of the boat? - On the top part, the first door when you get down in our quarters. 4715. So that the steerage was quite close to you? - Yes. 4716. Did you hear any of the stewards or other officials of the White Star Line giving any instructions to the steerage passengers? - No. 4717. Could such instructions have been given without your hearing them? - Yes. 4718. Did you see any of the stewards or other officials going about while you were going up and down? - On the other deck - when I was going aft, I saw them then. 4719. In the front? - No. 4720. About the forecastle? - No. 4721. And so far as you know, none were given? - No. 4722. Now you say you saw a number of people standing about; who were they? - The crew. 4723. Did you see any of the third-class passengers coming out of their bunks? - No. 4724. None? - No. 4725. During none of the times when you were going up and down? - They were nowhere near the third-class bunks. 4726. Are not they at the front? - No, not that I know of. 4727. Do you know whether or not the male portion of the steerage passengers was in front of the boat, in the forecastle? - No, I do not know. 4728. You do not know? - No. 4729. You never saw any of them? - No. 4730. And you heard no instructions given? - No. 4731. Now who was supposed to give you orders in case of emergency? Under whose control were you supposed to be? - The engineer’s. 4732. Were there any engineers about to give you any orders? - No. 4733. How did you come to go to the boat deck? - I was sung off the boat deck. 4734. And it was in answer to this order that you went to the boats? - Yes. 4735. How many officers were up there at the time? - I could not say. 4736. Did you see any? - No. 4737. You do not know who was the officer who told you to get into boat No. 5? - No; he was an officer. 4738. Did you see any officer or anyone giving instructions as to the manning of boat No. 3? - No. 4739. Were there many people on the boat deck at the time - many passengers? - No. 4740. When you went up there? - No. 4741. Were there many about boat No. 5? - That boat was filled. 4742. Boat No. 5 was filled? - Yes. 4743. Do you suggest that all the passengers practically on the boat were being taken away by boat No. 5? - All the women. 4744. Were there men left behind? - Yes. 4745. Many? - I could not say how many. 4746. Did you see men standing about? - Yes. 4747. Were they members of the crew or passengers? - I do not know. 4748. Do you know who manned boat No. 3? - No. 4749. Did you see it lowered? - I saw it come down after us into the water. 4750. How many people were in it? - I could not say. 4751. While your boat was being lowered did it stop at the third-class deck? - No. 4752. It went straight down? - It went straight down. 4753. Was your boat full? - What it would hold off the davits; they would not have any more in the boat.
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