Page 220 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 220
4553. Did you see anything or hear anything there? - No. 4554. Did you see any water? - Not then. 4555. Did you remain in the forecastle? - Yes. 4556. Did you go back to bed? - No. I sat on my bunk. 4557. How long did you sit on your bunk before you noticed or heard or saw anything? - Not long. There was a fireman there with his toe cut. 4558. Did you do anything with this fireman? - Yes. 4559. Did you take him somewhere? - Yes. 4560. Where did you take him? - To the doctor. 4561. Did that take just a short time? - Yes. 4562. After that what did you do? - There was no doctor there then. 4563. After you had taken him to the doctor’s shop, where did you go to? - I came back again to the forecastle. 4564. On this occasion when you got back again to the forecastle, did you see anything? - Yes, the wind coming up through No. 1 hatch; air was forcing the hatch. 4565. You could see that, could you? - Well, you could hear it there. 4566. Did you see anything? - No, not then. 4567. Did you remain there? - No, I took this man down to the other part of the ship. There was no doctor there at our place, and I took him under the alleyway towards the ship aft. 4568. After that did you go back again to the forecastle? - Yes. 4569. Now on this return to the forecastle, did you see anything? - Yes. 4570. What did you see? - Water coming up through the hatch. 4571. There are two hatchways, I see on the plan. Would it be No. 1 you are speaking of? - Yes. 4572. Where was the water? On what floor or deck was it when you saw it? - I do not know the No. of the deck. 4573. Where your quarters are? Was it on that deck? - No. 4574. Below that? - Below that. 4575. Was it coming up slowly or fast? - Slowly. 4576. Now, seeing that water, did you do anything? - No, we stood about watching it. 4577. How long did you stand about looking at it? - I could not tell you. 4578. Was it a short time? - That I do not know. 4579. What did you do? You stood about, you say? - Yes. 4580. What did you do next? - Went up on the deck again, the forewell deck. 4581. When you got there, did you see any passengers there? - Not on our deck; not on the well deck; only the crew. 4582. What did you do when you got on the forewell deck? - I stood about talking with the crew. 4583. And what happened next? - I went down to the forecastle again. 4584. You returned to the forecastle? - Yes. 4585. When you got back to the forecastle on this occasion, did you again see the water? - No. I went down to put my coat on then, when I went down the next time. 4586. Was there water to be seen when you looked? - Yes. 4587. Had it got higher? - Yes. 4588. A good deal higher? - Yes. 4589. Did you clear out or remain there? - I remained there, and went up on deck again after that. 4590. When you got to the deck on this occasion did you see any people there - any passengers? - No, only the crew, with their lifebelts.
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