Page 219 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 219
4516. At the time of the striking of the iceberg were you off watch? - Yes. 4517. It was the 8 to 12 watch, was it not? You were off watch? - Yes. 4518. Where were you? - In my bunk. 4519. Did you feel the shock? - Yes. 4520. On which side are your quarters, on the port side or the starboard side? - On the starboard side. 4521. What did you hear or feel? Did you hear anything? - The rumble - the shock. It was not much. 4522. What did you do? - I got out of my bunk and went up on the deck. 4523. When you got on deck, did you see anything? - I went on to the forecastle-head first, and underneath. 4524. On the forecastle-head did you see anything? - No. 4525. Did you see any ice? - I did on the deck - when I got out on the deck. 4526. Did you leave the forecastle? - Yes. 4527. And go where? - I left the forecastle and went underneath the forecastle-head. 4528. Did you see ice? - Not there. 4529. Where did you see ice? - On the forewell deck. 4530. Did you have a look round? - Yes. 4531. Did you see anything? - I saw the berg that was going away. 4532. Where was the berg away from you - on the port side or the starboard side, or ahead, or where? - On the starboard quarter, off the stern. 4533. It was off your quarter, was it? - Yes. 4534. How soon after you felt the striking of the iceberg did you see it away on your quarter? - About four or five minutes. 4535. Tell me what you did - that will give me an idea - did you get up at once? - Yes, I was reading in my bunk at the time. 4536. You got up at once? - I went up on the forecastle. 4537. Did you run up? - I walked up; our forecastle is only outside the companion ladder. 4538. Did you see the berg then? - No, not then. 4539. What did you do before you saw it? - Looked towards the window underneath the forecastle-head to see if there was anything there. 4540. That took a short time, I suppose? - It is only just a walk round from our room. 4541. What did you do next? - Came out on the deck; on the starboard side of the deck. 4542. Was it then you saw the berg? - I saw the ice then, and then the berg when I looked over the side. 4543. And then the berg was away on the starboard quarter? - Yes. 4544. About how far off? - I could not say; it was very dim then; I could just see it. 4545. It was a dark night? - Yes, a starry night. 4546. Starry, but dark. When you saw the berg could you judge whether your ship was stopped or going ahead? - When I looked over the side there was a slight way on her; she was moving, but not much. 4547. You were moving through the water? - Yes, but not much. 4548. What did you do after you saw the berg? - I went down to the forecastle again. 4549. Why did you go back to the forecastle? - It was no good stopping on deck. There was nothing there only to see it going away. 4550. You thought there was nothing the matter, is that so? - Yes. 4551. When you got back to the forecastle did you see anything which told you there was something the matter? - Not then. 4552. Did you go down into the forecastle? - Yes.
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