Page 218 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 218
4487. How many were on watch at the time in your division? - There were ten firemen. 4488. What is a complete watch - 70 or 80, is not it? - Over that. 4489. 83? - About that. 4490. How many were saved? - Seven. Mr. Lewis: 7 out of 83. Examined by Mr. LAING. 4491. When you left your section No. 4 to go to the boat deck, did you pass along the alleyway? - Yes. 4492. Was there water in it? - No. 4493. None at all? - No. 4494. I mean the last time you went up? - I never saw any. 4495. There were five men in this boat. What did you do - lay to your oars? - Yes. 4496. Was that all you did? - Yes. 4497. That was all you wanted to do, was not it? - Yes. Further examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 4498. Did you see any lists like these up on the boat (showing lists.)? - No. 4499. You did not see any? - No. 4500. Do you know whether any of the others had their boat stations? - I cannot say. 4501. Did you never hear anything about boat stations the whole time you were abroad? - No. (The Witness withdrew.) (After a short adjournment.) ALFRED SHIERS, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 4502. Were you a fireman on the “Titanic” at the time of this casualty? - Yes. 4503. Did you join the ship on the day she left Southampton? - Yes. 4504. Did you see any boat’s list? - Not at Southampton. 4505. After you left Southampton did you see any boat’s crew list? - Yes, the Sunday afternoon. 4506. On the Sunday? - Yes, after we left Southampton. 4507. Not till Sunday, the day of the accident? - No. 4508. Where did you see it? - Posted outside the forecastle door. 4509. I suppose if you had looked there before you might have seen it before? - No, I saw them put it up. 4510. You saw it being put up on the Sunday? - Yes. 4511. What time on Sunday did you see it being put up? - It was after dinner, but I could not say what time. 4512. At what time do you dine? - At 12 o’clock, as a rule. 4513. Who was putting it up? - One of the engineers. 4514. After it was put up did you look at it and see what your boat was? - Yes. 4515. What was the number of your boat? - No. 3.
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