Page 217 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 217
4451. When you came on to the boat deck you saw no one there? - No. 4452. On the first-class deck you took all the women and children? - Yes. 4453. Were there many men left on the third-class deck? - No, very few. 4454. How do you know? - From what we saw there. 4455. You were in the boat? - Yes. 4456. You did not go on to the deck? - No. 4457. So that all your knowledge is confined to what you saw from the boat? - Yes. 4458. You say the men were standing back? - Yes. 4459. Was any one keeping them back? - Not to my knowledge. 4460. Could any one have been keeping them back without you knowing? - No. 4461. You say so. A number of them were Irish? - Yes. 4462. Were not there windows between the third-class deck and where you were in the boat? - No. 4463. No windows; space clear? - Yes. 4464. You could see all who were on the third-class deck? - Yes. 4465. Did you see any people further aft than the position you were in the boat? - No. 4466. Did you look? - No. 4467. Have you any idea as to how many of these passengers were Irish? - Most of them. 4468. Most of the people who were left behind? - I could not say what was left behind. 4469. On the deck? - I cannot say. 4470. But a number of Irish were with you in the boat? - Yes. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 4471. With regard to the inspection at Southampton, do the trimmers take part in that at all? - Which? 4472. The ordinary Board of Trade inspection? - No. 4473. They take no part whatever in it? - No. 4474. There is a boat list placed on board? - I never saw it. 4475. Did you look for it? - Yes. 4476. You looked for it and could not see it? - Yes. 4477. Did you have any difficulty in lowering your boat - boat 15? - No. 4478. Was there a plug in your boat? - We tried to find a plug. 4479. Could you find it? - I do not know whether they did or not. I know they asked for matches to find it. Whether they found it or not I could not say. 4480. They must have found something, I suppose. It evidently had a plug in or else you would have gone down? - You could put your hand over it. 4481. Was that done, do you know? - I cannot say. The Commissioner: The boat did not go to the bottom? 4482. (Mr. Lewis.) No; so I understand, my Lord. (To the Witness.) You do not know whether a cork was thrown into the boat? - No. 4483. Anyway, there was a difficulty in finding the plug. With regard to these third-class passengers, you said when you came from your bunker that there were a large number hurrying on deck? - Yes. 4484. And then when you went to this boat deck there were very few of them? - Yes. 4485. Where do you imagine they went? - I should think they was in the boats. I never see them any more. 4486. If they were not in the boats, where do you think they went. Where were they going? - They were going right aft to the boat deck, the best way.
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