Page 216 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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4416. Was there anyone in that boat, No. 15, who knew about managing a boat? - Five of we crew did. 4417. Who took charge of her? – Diamond [Dymond]. 4418. And is Diamond [Dymond] a trimmer? - A fireman. 4419. Had you sufficient of a crew to row safely? - We done our best, which we did; we managed her. 4420. Had you difficulty? - No, not to say difficulty. 4421. Had you ever been called to a boat station - I take it you had not - on the “Titanic”? - No. The only boat drill as I ever had was when we went to New York, on Sunday morning. 4422. But none on the “Titanic”? - No. 4423. Did you usually have boat drill on the other boats you have been on? - No. 4424. On any boat? - No. 4425. What other boats have you been on? - The “Adriatic,” the “Oceanic” and the “Olympic.” 4426. All White Star boats? - Yes. 4427. Do you mean to tell us that on none of those boats at any time have you had boat drill? - Only when we have been at New York for the week. 4428. For the week-end? - When we have stopped there a week we go up there on a Sunday. 4429. Has it not been a practice on the White Star ships to muster the men to their stations? - I never had one yet. 4430. You have never been to a station? - No. 4431. How long have you been on the White Star? - Eighteen months. 4432. Prior to that had you been on any other lines? - No. 4433. That is your whole experience of the sea? - Yes. Examined by Mr. ROCHE. 4434. What engineer was in charge of your section? - The engineer I think on our watch was Mr. Harrison. 4435. Did you see him when you came out of the bunker and went up the escape ladder? - No. 4436. The fires were still going when you left? - Not going, we drew what we could. 4437. You drew them? - Yes. 4438. Before you went up? - After I came down again - not the first time. 4439. Was Mr. Harrison still there then? - No, Mr. Farquharson was the only engineer I saw. 4440. Mr. Harrison was not there and Mr. Farquharson was then in the engine room? - Yes. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 4441. There were a great number of third-class passengers on the liner? - Yes. 4442. Did you hear or see anybody giving them instructions where to go to? - The stewards I did. 4443. Did you see stewards? - Yes. 4444. What did you hear them say? - They were telling them to keep calm. 4445. Did they seem to be excited? - The passengers did. 4446. They were proceeding aft? - Yes. 4447. How long was it from the time you saw these passengers in the alleyway until you got into the boat on the boat deck? - About two hours. 4448. Two hours afterwards? - Yes. 4449. During the intervening time you had been down below? - Yes. 4450. You do not know what took place in the interval? - No.
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