Page 215 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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4393. When was it that you went into the bunker; what was your watch? - 8 to 12 watch. 4394. You started work at 8, did you? - Yes. 4395. Do you remember about the gauge at any other time during this trip? - We had orders to keep 200 lbs. steam. 4396. You heard that those were the orders, to keep 200 lbs.? - Yes. The Commissioner: Have you no better evidence on this point than this? The Solicitor-General: I put the question because I saw there was a reference to it in the statement he had made, but I quite recognise it is not the best evidence. The Attorney-General: All the engineers are drowned. We are getting the best evidence we can. The Commissioner: Were there any engineers saved? The Attorney-General: No, all the engineers were drowned. They all remained at the bottom of the vessel. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 4397. Are you quite sure that you noticed on the gauge an indication of 225 lbs. steam? - Yes. 4398. Do you know that those engines are only designed for a working pressure of 215 lbs.? - No. 4399. The boilers, of course, you are referring to? - Yes. 4400. Can you say what length of time elapsed from the collision until you first went into the alleyway when you saw the third-class passengers? - About an hour and a half. 4401. And do you say they seemed to be wet through then? - Oh, no. It was just on two hours by the time I saw them wet through. 4402. How long was it when you went up to the alleyway and saw those third-class passengers and they seemed to be wet through? - I give about two hours for that time. 4403. Two hours had elapsed then? - Yes. 4404. In what direction were those passengers going? - Right aft. 4405. When you found water in this compartment, No. 4, in which you were working were the pumps being used? - I do not know about the pumps. 4406. Could you see when you were leaving compartment No. 4 whether the watertight door had been shut or not? - The door was shut. 4407. You are quite sure it was shut? - Yes. 4408. (The Commissioner.) Which door is this? 4409. (Mr. Scanlan.) Are you referring to the watertight door between compartment 3 and compartment 4? - Between 4 and 5. The Commissioner: There is no suggestion that that was open. 4410. (Mr. Scanlan.) No, my Lord. (To the Witness.) You know the corresponding watertight door between 3 and 4. Had you sufficient light at the time you were leaving No. 4 by the escape ladder to see whether or not that door was closed? - You cannot see that door from that stokehold. 4411. You could not see it from the stokehold? - No. 4412. (The Commissioner.) It is down a little tunnel? - Yes. 4413. (Mr. Scanlan.) You would not be in a position at any time to see whether it had been opened or not? - No. 4414. Do I gather from what you have told us that the crew in this lifeboat, No. 15, was yourself, Diamond [Dymond] and three firemen? - Yes. 4415. Any sailormen at all? - No sailormen.
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