Page 214 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 214
4358. Were there no men about? - Yes, Sir. 4359. You did not take them in? - No, Sir. 4360. Were they on this same lower deck? - Yes. 4361. How was that, were they standing back? - Yes. 4362. Did you see anybody there keeping order? - No. 4363. Were the men passengers, or stewards, or crew, or what? - They seemed to be third-class passengers. 4364. That is what you thought they were? - Yes. 4365. And they were standing back, were they? - Yes. 4366. And as far as you could see were all the women and children from there taken on board? - Yes. 4367. When you say they were third-class passengers what makes you think so? - I generally know the difference between a third-class passenger and a second. 4368. At this rate, you did not take any second-class passengers into your boat? - Not to my knowledge, Sir. 4369. (The Commissioner.) You think that the 60 women you took were all third-class passengers? - Yes, my Lord. The Solicitor-General: Of course, the deck he is speaking of is, undoubtedly, a second-class deck. The Commissioner: Yes. 4370. (The Solicitor-General.) That was your impression, was it? - Yes. 4371. These women that you think came from the third-class, were some of them foreigners? - They were Irish girls. 4372. It is a nice question whether they are foreigners or not? Then, your boat, I suppose, was as full as it would hold, was it? - Yes. 4373. Who took charge of it? - One of the firemen. 4374. What is his name? – Diamond [Dymond]. 4375. Then there was you, and were there only three others of the crew? - Four. 4376. Four others? - Yes. 4377. Diamond [Dymond] and yourself, and four others? - Three more. 4378. I thought so – Diamond [Dymond], yourself and three others? - Yes. 4379. Were the other three firemen too? - Yes. 4380. You pulled away from the ship a bit? - Yes. 4381. I do not propose to go into the details of this, my Lord, because it is simply duplicating previous evidence, and you were picked up by the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 4382. Had you got any room on your boat to take on board anybody more? - No. 4383. Perhaps I might just ask you this as there is a statement about it. Did you hear, or do you know at all from your No. 4 section what was the pressure of steam you were to get to? - 225 lbs. steam. 4384. Was that the order? - That was not the order. That is what steam there was. 4385. 225 lbs.? - Yes. 4386. You must explain it to me; how do you know that? - By the gauge. 4387. Do you mean you read the gauge yourself? - Yes. 4388. The gauge would be near the boiler? - Alongside the boiler. 4389. And when was it do you think that you read that gauge? - Just before I went into the bunker. 4390. You did? - Yes. 4391. Is that your regular course to look at the gauge before you go into the bunker? - No. 4392. But you think you remember that? - Yes.
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