Page 213 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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here (pointing on the model.). 4335. My Lord, may I just ask him to point out the place, because I think it is a little important to know. Will you show me where your boat got to? You mean here (pointing on the model)? - There (showing.). 4336. (The Commissioner.) Just show me again, please. Go back to the model? - Here (pointing). 4337. (The Solicitor-General.) As it is in this model here it looks as though those decks were shut in with windows and casing. Was that so? - No. The Commissioner: Well, Sir John, they were perhaps shut in for a certain length with windows, but perhaps the windows stopped at a point. It occurs to me that possibly there were no windows there, though there may have been windows towards the middle of the ship. The Solicitor-General: Yes, my Lord. There is a boat at any rate which comes down here (showing.). The Commissioner: But I thought you were suggesting, you know, that the passengers on this deck that he is now talking about could not get on to the boat because of the glass in the windows. The Solicitor-General: I was not quite clear which deck he meant, my Lord. The Attorney-General: I understand that these windows are windows that you can open and pull up just like you do in a railway carriage, only that they are bigger. They are to protect the passengers from wind and rain - for shelter purposes. The Commissioner: I think those windows do not extend the whole length of the ship? The Solicitor-General: No, they do not. The Commissioner: And therefore it may be at the place where he was pointing there were no such windows? 4338. (The Solicitor-General.) Probably he can tell us. (To the Witness.) Do you remember whether when you got to this lower deck there were windows that had to be opened, or whether it was clear? - No. 4339. Which was it? - All clear. 4340. Then you called for more people there, did you? - Yes. 4341. And how many people came there? - Crowds of them. 4342. Did more come than you could take in? - No. 4343. For more than you could take in? - No. 4344. How many do you think you took in from the lower deck? - We took in about sixty, Sir. 4345. (The Commissioner.) That is in addition to the five that you had taken from the boat deck, from the upper deck? - Yes. 4346. (The Solicitor-General.) From deck A? - Yes. 4347. Perhaps you can tell us this - when you were ordered in at the boat deck you and five others, was there nobody in the boat already? - No. 4348. It was empty? - Yes. 4349. Then you made the first five to get into it? - Yes. 4350. Then it was lowered to the A deck and you took in about how many? - Five. 4351. About five more? - Yes. 4352. That would make ten? - Yes. 4353. And then you are lowered to the lower deck, and you take in you think about 60? - Yes. 4354. That would make about 70? - Yes. 4355. Do you say that you took in everybody who came at that time at the lower deck? - Yes. 4356. You left nobody behind? - No, Sir. 4357. Can you tell me about these 60 - first of all were they men or women? - All women and children.
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