Page 208 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 208
Examined by Mr. LAING. 4178. How can you tell from your electric shop how the turbine is working? - Because there are two arms come up as the turbine engine stops. 4179. You have to go and look to see? - No, you can turn round and look through the wires in front of you. 4180. When you looked did you find that the turbine had actually stopped? - Yes. 4181. And when you noticed that it was two minutes after the shock? - Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) GEORGE CAVELL, Sworn. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 4182. Are you a trimmer? - Yes. 4183. And at the time of the accident on the 14th April were you at work? - Yes. 4184. Trimming coal? - Yes. 4185. Can you tell me which section you were in? - No. 4 section. 4186. Were you one of the regular trimmers for No. 4 right through the trip? - Yes. 4187. How many coal bunkers are there in No. 4 section? - There are six doors and four bunkers. 4188. Two on the starboard side and two on the port side? - Yes. 4189. And six doors? - Yes. 4190. How many trimmers are there to a section? - Four trimmers to a section. 4191. So that you would have three mates with you? - Yes. 4192. Had the fires in No. 4 been lighted the first day when the ship started? - Yes. 4193. And had they been burning all the time? - Yes. 4194. At the time this accident happened, do you remember which bunker you were in, starboard side or port side? - Starboard side. 4195. Were you in the bunker at the time? - Yes. 4196. Is that bunker in No. 4 aft of the furnaces of the boilers? - Yes. 4197. The boilers are in front of it? - Yes. The Solicitor-General: If your Lordship has the plan which we have referred to as No. 3, the one with the tank top, you will see which bunker it was. The bottom plan, which is the tank top plan, shows a thick black line marked “G,” which is one of the watertight bulkheads. Does your Lordship see “G”? The Commissioner: It is not marked “G” on my plan. The Solicitor-General: It is between No. 4 and No. 3. The Commissioner: Yes, I see. The Solicitor-General: I think your Lordship in your plan will find that the word “coal” is written on the starboard side in the place where the bunker is. The Commissioner: Yes, and on the port side too. 4198. (The Solicitor-General.) Yes. This man was on the starboard side. (To the Witness.) Were you actually in the bunker at the time, Cavell? - Yes. The Solicitor-General: Your Lordship says there is no “G” on your plan. If your Lordship will look for a moment at the big plan I will have the spot pointed out for you. The Commissioner: The fact of the matter is this: I have had a plan furnished to me of the
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