Page 207 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 207
only be light remaining in the portion above water? - That is so. 4154. At the time that you came up, the only portion lighted was the stern? - Yes. 4155. How many people did you see about there? - About 20 men. 4156. Only 20 men? - In the part of the ship I went to. 4157. You did not see any passengers? - No. 4158. There were none about? - I did not see any. 4159. No officers? - No. 4160. No one at all? - No. 4161. No confusion? - No. 4162. Did you hear any cries at the time? - No, not till the ship was going down. 4163. When you attempted to get into No. 4 boat did you see any people struggling in the water? - No. 4164. None at all? - No. Examined by Mr. EDWARDS. 4165. Did you hear any order or any signal to get to your boat station? - No. 4166. Can you say in relation to the fore funnel at what point the ship broke off? - About the second funnel from forward - between the first and second funnel from forward. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 4167. Did you hear the band playing on the ship? - Yes. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 4168. Will you tell us whether there were any fidleys on board the “Titanic”? - I do not know. 4169. You do not know whether there were any fidleys from the stoke-hold? - No. 4170. I suggest to you that the after funnel was simply used in place of fidleys? - There was a ladder to go up the after funnel. 4171. It is a way for the sailors and firemen or anybody from the engine room or stoke-hold to get on deck? - Yes. 4172. Is there any place on the boat deck where the sailors can go and get fresh air, or where do they go to get it? - Sailors and firemen are not allowed on the boat deck, not unless their work lay there. 4173. You do not know that in some ships there is a place for them to go to on the boat deck to get fresh air, and even to smoke? - I could not say. 4174. When you saw the fore end of the boat break off, did the afterend come back suddenly or slowly on to a level keel? - She came back slowly. 4175. You heard the last Witness state that the patent bulk head doors in the stoke-holds had been opened after they had been closed automatically from the bridge? - Yes. 4176. Is it your opinion that, after the forward end had fallen off, the leaving open of these doors caused the afterend of her to sink? - That I could not say. 4177. (Mr. Cotter.) I am only asking for your opinion. These ships, I may state, are supposed to float if they break in two, if the bulk-head doors are all acting as they ought to act.
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