Page 206 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 4124. Had you any light in this No. 4 lifeboat? - No. 4125. When you started to descend by the falls did you know there was a boat below? - We could see it coming back to the ship. 4126. Was that from the reflected light from the ship itself? - Yes. 4127. After you had picked up seven persons I take it that you still had less than 50 on board your lifeboat? - Yes. 4128. Had you then accommodation for still more people? - A few more, Sir, but it would not give you room to pull the oars in the boat. 4129. Had you sufficient seamen in that boat, when you got in and Scott, to properly man that boat? - No, Sir. 4130. How many men would be necessary to adequately man that lifeboat, and enable you to row? - 10 I should think. 4131. 10 men? - 10 men. 4132. What did you do; were you rowing? - Yes. 4133. Were those who were there unable to row the boat? - The men we got out of the water, Sir, were not fit to pull the oars. We had to rub them to fetch them round. 4134. Had you difficulty all the time in rowing this boat and navigating her? - Yes, there was not room. 4135. At the time you left by the falls, were there a number of deckhands near you? - No. 4136. They had remained down below at the time you came up to the upper deck? - Yes. 4137. Had you a boat station given to you? - Yes. 4138. What boat were you in? - No. 6 was my boat. 4139. Had you had any exercise, any practice, any boat drill? - No. 4140. Do you know something about the management of lifeboats, rowing boats? - Yes. 4141. Have you been at sea long? - About 16 years. 4142. Have you been on a number of liners? - Yes. 4143. Was it usual on the liners you have been sailing on to have regular boat drill and boat masters? - In the Royal Mail Company it is. 4144. Do you know if this No. 4 boat had a compass? - I could not say, Sir. 4145. Had she water - drinking water? - I do not know. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 4146. When you came up the dummy funnel, how much of the “Titanic” continued to be lighted? - All the part that was out of the water. 4147. How much of it then was out of the water? - Three parts of the ship. 4148. How much of the ship was served by this dynamo that you have described; was it the upper portion? - All over the ship. 4149. It served the whole ship? - I believe so. 4150. The wires that carry the current are protected, I understand, by indiarubber, is not that so? - Yes. 4151. Am I right in suggesting that immediately water reaches the wires and finds an entrance between the indiarubber - pierces the indiarubber, or gets into the indiarubber, what is known as a short circuit of the line immediately occurs. Is that right? - Yes, they fuse. 4152. They fuse, and the lights go out? - Yes. 4153. So that as the “Titanic” gradually sank short circuits would be produced and there could
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