Page 204 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 204
4075. Do you know who they were? - Perkins, a quartermaster, and Foley, a sailor. 4076. Those were the only men in the boat? - Yes. 4077. You do not mean the only seamen, but the only men? - The only men. 4078. Were there any other men standing at the ship’s side when this boat came alongside? - No. 4079. Did they call out at all; did anybody hail you? - We never heard no one. 4080. How did you know when she came back; you looked over the side and saw her, I suppose? - Yes. 4081. Did you know then what she had come back for? - No, not till we had got back into the boat. 4082. If I understand you aright, she came back with 40 people in her, all told? - Yes. 4083. No orders were given? - No. 4084. There was no officer standing where you were? - No. 4085. And you and the other man climbed the davits and dropped down into the boat? - Yes. 4086. Did the boat then push off? - We pulled away from the ship after we got the man in the boat by the name of Scott. 4087. You picked him up after he had dropped into the water? - Yes. 4088. Do you remember which davit it was that you climbed? - The after davit of all, the port side. 4089. That is the davit for lifeboat No. 16. It is the aftermost one on the port side. If I follow correctly what you said, there was nobody there except you two? - No one - only us two. The Commissioner: This was on the boat deck? The Attorney-General: Yes. The Commissioner: And all the boats had gone away by this time? The Attorney-General: Yes, by this time, and she came back. The Commissioner: There were no boats for any one to get into unless they climbed down the davits, or jumped into the sea. 4090. (The Attorney-General.) Quite. (To the Witness.) Did you see the vessel go down? - Yes. 4091. You got into the boat, and I suppose, pulled away from the side of the “Titanic”? - Yes. 4092. Did you help to pull the boat? - Yes. 4093. When you drew away from the “Titanic” did you lay-by, or, what did you do? - No, we only just got away in time before the ship went down. 4094. Just tell us what you saw of the ship going down; describe it to the Court? - The forward end of the ship went underneath and seemed to break off, and the afterpart came back on a level keel. 4095. Then, when she came back on a level keel, what happened to the afterpart of her, then? - It turned up and went down steadily. 4096. Turned up that way, stern up. (Showing.) - Yes. 4097. Did she remain like that at any time? - No. 4098. Will you just describe to us what you mean? - She just slowly turned up and went down. You could see the three propellers in the air. 4099. The foremost part of the afterpart of the vessel began to go down into the water? - Yes. 4100. And the stern went up? - Yes. 4101. And then you saw the propellers in the air? - Yes. 4102. And then that all disappeared? - Yes. 4103. Was there room in your boat for more people? - Yes. 4104. Did you go back? - We pulled back to the wreckage and picked up seven persons. 4105. Were they men? - Yes. 4106. Did you see the last Witness who was here just now? - Yes, that was one of the men.
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