Page 203 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 203
4040. I am not quite sure that I know which you mean by the second-cabin deck. Do you mean the deck where the second cabins are? - The second deck down from the boat deck. 4041. That is bridge deck B, according to the plan. 4042. (The Solicitor-General.) Is it where the second-class smoke-room is? - Yes. 4043. (The Attorney-General.) You will see the second-class, if your Lordship has a painted plan, is painted green. You will see it marked in the centre there, “Second-class smoke-room.” (To the Witness.) What did you do when you got there? - There were about 20 more men there; 20 men stood there. 4044. Members of the crew? - Yes. 4045. Did you know what they were? - Firemen mostly. 4046. Were there any women there? - No. 4047. Were there any children? - No. 4048. Did you have any talk with the firemen and trimmers? - Yes. 4049. Well, just tell us, did you find out from them what was happening? - No, we heard that all the boats had left the ship then. 4050. That is just what I wanted to get. Let us get this quite clearly. You heard by that time all the boats had gone? - Yes. 4051. You were down in the second-class cabin and you saw no women and children - that is right, is it? - Yes. 4052. Only these 20 men of the crew? - Yes. 4053. What did you do then? - I went to the port side of the boat deck aft. 4054. And then? - There was me and a greaser by the name of Scott. We climbed up the davit and down the boat falls, and I got into a boat, and Scott dropped into the water. 4055. You are speaking of the port side as I understand? - Yes, port side. 4056. Did you notice at all whether there was any list on the ship at this time? - There was a slight list to port, Sir. 4057. Did you notice whether she was down by the head? - Yes. 4058. Badly? - Yes. 4059. Did you see at all whether the water was over her foc’sle deck; could you see that? - No, you could not. 4060. You could not see that? - You could not see whether her foc’sle deck was under water at the afterend of the boat. 4061. You could not see so far from where you were? - No. 4062. But you noticed she was down by the head; you could feel that? - Yes. 4063. I thought you told us that all the boats had left the ship? - This boat came back to the ship as they only had two men in the boat. 4064. She came back to the ship with only two men in her; is that it? - She never had enough men in the boat to pull her away. 4065. Not enough men to man her? - Yes. 4066. Was she full? - Full of women and children. 4067. Do you know what number the boat was? - No. 4. 4068. Did you get any orders to go down into the boat? - No. 4069. Was there anybody there on the boat deck; was there any officer there? - No, Sir. 4070. Is this right, that you saw one of the lifeboats, No. 4, come back to the ship? - Yes. 4071. And you and another man called Scott started, and you climbed the davits? - Yes, and down the falls. 4072. And you dropped into the boat? - And the other man dropped into the water. 4073. How many people were there in the boat? - I should think about 40. 4074. And how many men were there in the boat? - Two.
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