Page 202 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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4018. Did you then go to stop all those fans? - Yes. 4019. The 45? - Yes. 4020. Beginning at the stokeholds? - Yes. 4021. How long did that take you? - About three quarters of an hour. 4022. When you want to stop a fan in the stokehold, do you have to go into the stokehold itself to do it? - No, in the fan rooms. 4023. Where are they? Mr. Laing: F Deck. 4024. (The Attorney-General.) I think your Lordship will find them all on F deck, four decks up. If you look at F deck you will see a number of fans marked. It is the same one which we were dealing with just now which had the tank top. If your Lordship will look at F deck you will remember the squash racquet court which we were dealing with there. Then passing along aft you came to the first one - “fans.” Then there is a “boiler casing,” and then you go along again, “boiler casing,” “fans,” then “fans” again, and so on. So that really what you had to do was to go from the E deck to F deck; is that right? - Yes. 4025. By the time you had stopped the 45 fans, did you see members of the crew going on deck? - No. 4026. When you had finished after the three quarters of an hour what did you do next? - I went back to the electric storeroom. 4026. Back again to E deck? - Yes. 4027. When you got to E deck did you go to the electric store room which you had been in before? - No, I went up the dummy funnel. There are four fans situated up the dummy funnel. 4028. Where is that? You have told us where the electric store room was. Now where is that? Is it forward or aft? - Aft. 4029. Is it immediately aft, or some way aft? - The after funnel of the ship leads down to it. The Commissioner: The after funnel is a dummy funnel? The Attorney-General: Yes; it does not serve fire at all. The Commissioner: It is that funnel that is the dummy? The Attorney-General: Yes, it is plain if you look at that. The Commissioner: It is used for ventilation? The Attorney-General: Yes. The Solicitor-General: The six boiler rooms are grouped in pairs of two. 4030. (The Attorney-General.) The three forward funnels work the six boiler rooms; each one works two; and the third one works the one lot of double-ended boilers and the one lot of single; that is how it stands. (To the Witness.) Then you went up the dummy funnel to the boat deck? - Yes. 4031. Then when you got to the boat deck what did you see? - I went from there to the second- cabin deck, aft, the starboard side. 4032. What were you doing that for? - I had stopped all the fans, and I went on deck to see what was being done. 4033. You got to the boat deck. You have told us you went up the dummy funnel to the boat deck? - Yes. 4034. You had no order to do that, but you had done your work? - Yes. 4035. Then when you got on to the boat deck, what did you see then? - Nothing. 4036. Before you go on from there, tell us this: Up to this time had you seen any water in the ship? - No. 4037. You had not seen any at all? - No. 4038. From the boat deck where did you go? - To the second-cabin deck. 4039. The second-cabin deck on the starboard side? - Aft - starboard side aft.
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