Page 200 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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which he opened were never closed again. The Attorney-General: I understand not from what he says. Those are the 12 doors which are operated from the bridge, which communicate in that way, closing the tank top. Your Lordship will remember the question was asked - I am only saying it so that we can have it clear - at one stage you did ask the question about the closing of the watertight doors from the bridge. The Commissioner: I did. The Attorney-General: Since then you have seen the “Olympic.” The effect would be that these watertight doors could only be closed with this pressure on the button from the bridge - that is, the 12 to which we are now referring. There are 12 on the tank top. The Commissioner: There are 12 doors that are closed automatically. The Attorney-General: That is right, from the switch. 3977. (The Commissioner.) There is a question that one of my colleagues wants cleared up. (To the Witness.) You said that you supposed you did not go from No. 4 into No. 5 because there was a large quantity of water in No. 5? - Yes, my Lord. 3978. You remember saying that just now? - Yes. 3979. Is that a conclusion that you have arrived at, that there was a large quantity of water in No. 5, since the accident, or did you think it was the fact when you were in No. 4, and that was the reason? Did you then think that that was the reason for not going into No. 5? - Yes, my Lord. 3980. You thought then when you were in No. 4 that the reason you were not ordered to go into No. 5 was that there was a great deal of water there? - Yes. The Attorney-General: I understood him to mean that, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.) THOMAS RANGER, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 3981. Are you a greaser? - Yes. 3982. Were you employed as greaser on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 3983. And do you remember on Sunday, the 14th of April, going on watch in the evening at 6 o’clock? - Yes. 3984. Was it your duty as greaser to oil the electric fans of the vessel? - Yes. 3985. That was one of your jobs? - Yes. 3986. Do you remember, just about 20 minutes to 12 that night, being in the electric workshop? - Yes. 3987. Where is that? Do you know what deck that is on? - On C deck, I think. 3988. Do you know what deck that is that you call C deck? - I do not think it is the letter “C”? - It is the top of the turbine engine room. 3989. It is E deck, my Lord. If you look at the E deck you will see it just abaft of the “engine casing” there. The Commissioner: Abaft? 3990. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, abaft of the “engine casing” on E deck. (To the Witness.) Is it close to the fan store? - It is underneath the emergency dynamo. 3991. I think it is marked “Electric Store.” If you look just abaft of the “engine casing” you will find “turbine engine casing”; the next aft is the “Electric Store.” The Commissioner: Yes, I see that.
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