Page 198 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3935. Were you in the hospital some time after you were taken on board the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 3936. Do you remember the fire in the bunker? - I remember working in a bunker. 3937. Do you remember the fire in a bunker? - Yes. 3938. Did you help to clear out the coal? - Yes. 3939. You were ordered to do so, I presume? - Yes. 3940. Would you call it a serious fire? - I do not know. 3941. Did it take some time to put out? - Yes. 3942. Did you see the sides of the bunker after the coal was taken out? - No. 3943. You did not see whether it was painted afterwards? - No. Examined by Mr. LAING. 3944. How many boilers are there in No. 1 section? - Five. 3945. And none of the boilers in No. 1 section was alight at all? - No. 3946. Did you see the engine room telegraph? - No. 3947. How are you able to tell us what orders came down? - By the telegraph ringing. 3948. But the ring would not tell you, would it? - It would tell me that the telegraph rang. 3949. Yes it would, but it would not tell you what order came down at all? - No. Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 3950. In No. 1 boiler room are the five boilers single ended boilers? - Yes. 3951. In No. 2 they are double ended? - I do not know. The Attorney-General: If your Lordship will look at the plan, your Lordship will see it quite clearly and what he did. You will see the watertight doors marked which he went through. Plan No. 3 is the one that contains the decks from the saloon deck, through the various decks E., F., G., down to the tank top. If you look at the lowest of them “Tank top” you see there “Reciprocating Engine,” then you see five engine boilers in No. 1 boiler room; and then if you notice there you will see a watertight door, very small, between the two coal sections. Then you pass through that into No. 2 boiler room. There you have the five double-ended boilers, and then again through that through a watertight door into No. 3 boiler room, where there are again five double-ended boilers; again through a watertight door into No. 4 boiler room for the five double- ended boilers, and that is where he stops. The Commissioner: He saw water coming up through the floor plates of that No. 4. 3952. (The Attorney-General.) Yes. Your Lordship will remember it is in the next compartment No. 5 that Barrett and this man were. (To the Witness.) You went through Nos. 2, 3 and 4 boiler rooms? - Yes. 3953. You have told us, I think, in No. 1 boiler room - that is with the single-ended boilers - the fires were not alight? - Yes. 3954. Were they alight in the others, Nos. 2, 3 and 4? - Yes. 3955. So far as you know all the fires were alight except the five single-ended boilers in No. 1 boiler room? - Yes. 3956. Could you alone raise one of these watertight doors? - No. 3957. Could you do it by yourself? - I do not know. 3958. How many of you went through the watertight doors from boiler room to boiler room? - There were seven of us working in the engine room. 3959. But how many of you went? First of all you went from the engine room to No. 1 boiler room? - Yes.
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