Page 197 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 197
No. 3904. You do not know? - No. 3905. Had you a lifebelt? - Yes. 3906. Had you it on? - Not then I did not. 3907. You say when you came up to the well deck there were a great number of people there, men? - Yes. 3908. Had they all lifebelts? - In my estimation they had. 3909. Most of them? - Yes. 3910. What class of passengers did these seem to be? - Steerage passengers. 3911. All steerage passengers? - Yes. 3912. But there were no boats for them? - No; the last one was being lowered. Examined by Mr. EDWARDS. 3913. From the time that the ship struck until you came back from No. 4 boiler section, what time elapsed? - About an hour and forty minutes. 3914. At that time some water was coming through in No. 4 boiler section? - Yes. 3915. As you came back was there any water at all coming in at No. 3, or No. 2, or No. 1? - No. 3916. From the time that you left the engine room until you started back from No. 4 boiler section what time elapsed? - From the time I left the engine room till the time I came back from No. 4 section what time elapsed. 3917. Yes? - An hour and ten minutes. 3918. Did you report to anybody in the engine room that you had seen water coming through in No. 4 boiler section? - No. 3919. Did anyone report, to your knowledge? - No, all the engineers were working there. 3920. (The Commissioner.) Do you mean by that that they all knew it? - Yes. 3921. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Did you hear any orders given, before you left, to reclose the watertight doors? - No. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 3922. I believe you have had experience as a sailor as well as a trimmer? - Yes. 3923. Did you have a boat number given to you or a boat place in precisely the same way as you would as a sailor? - No. 3924. How long were you waiting on the poop, waiting for the boat to go down? - About 50 minutes. 3925. From your position could you see the passengers? - Yes. 3926. You could see the passengers? - Yes. 3927. Was there any commotion all this time on the part of the passengers? - No. 3928. They were simply waiting? - Yes. 3929. Expecting the boat to go down? - Yes. 3930. No disorder whatever? - No. 3931. When you were taken into the boat what condition were you in? Were you picked up unconscious? - Unconscious. 3932. When you came to what did you find? - I was not properly right when I came to. 3933. Whom did you find with you in the boat? - Lyons lying on top of me, a seaman, and a passenger lying on top of me dead. 3934. Do you know the seaman? - One was Lyons.
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