Page 196 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3875. Were you picked up by one of the boats? - Yes. 3876. Do you know which one? - Afterwards I found out; it was No. 4 boat. 3877. Did you have to swim far? Were you swimming long in the water before you were picked up? - I suppose about twenty minutes. 3878. Did you see any of the other passengers in the water - any other people in the water of any sort? - Yes. 3879. Many? - About a thousand. 3880. Were there any others near the boat when you were picked up? - I do not know. 3881. (The Commissioner.) Did you say “I saw about one thousand people in the water”? - From my estimation, my Lord. 3882. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) When you came up again, after you were sucked down - you told us you were sucked down and came up again - was the ship still floating then? - No. 3883. She had sunk when you came up again? - Well, I saw what I thought would be the afterpart of her coming up and going down again, final. 3884. Then she had not sunk? - She came up and went down again. 3885. You saw what you thought was the afterpart coming up again? - I thought it was the ship coming up again. She came up and went down again - finish. 3886. You were picked up by boat No. 4? - I found out it was No. 4 afterwards. 3887. Did you see any women in the water? - No. 3888. Was there anyone round about boat No. 4 in the water when you were picked up? - I do not know. 3889. I suppose you were probably very exhausted by that time? - Yes. 3890. When you got into the boat, I think you became unconscious? - Yes. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 3891. Did you ascertain how many people were in No. 4 boat? - No. 3892. At any time before you were rescued by the “Carpathia”? - No. 3893. Did you know before you left the ship - before she sank - whether all of what you call the life-rafts, the Englehardt collapsible boats had been used? - I do not know. 3894. With regard to those watertight doors, is it the case that when you pass, say, from the engine room into No. 1 boiler room, you can open the door from the engine room, but you cannot shut it from the boiler room? - I do not know. Mr. Scanlan: You do not understand me. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 3895. I think this was your first trip on this boat? - Yes. 3896. So you did not know very much about it? - No. 3897. When you came aft, after going through boiler rooms 2, 3 and 4, you stopped at 4? - Yes, I stopped at 4; I think it was No. 4. 3898. That was to allow all the others to go through - the other engineers to come back? - All the engineers were working in the stokehold. 3899. That is why you opened the doors? - Yes. 3900. Were they all through when you came back; had they come aft? - In my estimation I suppose they did. 3901. But were you the last to come aft? - No. 3902. There were others behind you? - They came in a bunch. 3903. Do you know why the doors were left open; why no attempt was made to close them? -
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