Page 195 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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on to the port side. We stopped where we were. It was no use us going there. 3837. You could see after that boat left there were no other boats left on the ship? - Yes. 3838. Can you point out what was the situation on the ship of the boat that you saw leave, the last boat? - No. 3839. (The Commissioner.) It was on the port side, I understand. The boat that you saw leave, the last boat, was on the port side? - They sung out it was the last boat. 3840. Whichever it was, was it on the port side of the “Titanic”? - Yes, my Lord. 3841. And was it in the forward part or aft? - I do not know, my Lord. 3842. Were you on the after-well deck when you saw it? - Yes, my Lord. I heard an order - the last boat was leaving the ship. “Any more women there?” and we chased them up the ladder. 3843. After that boat left did you see a number of passengers standing about still? - Yes. 3844. Any women? - No. 3845. I did not quite hear the answer you gave just now. You said something about chasing women up the ladder? - There were two women on the well deck when we got up from below, and we heard the order - the last boat was leaving the ship. “Are there any more women there?” and we chased them up the ladder. 3846. Up to the boat deck? - Yes, I suppose they went up there. 3847. And those were the women you saw there on the well deck? - Two women. 3848. Did you afterwards go up yourself on to the boat deck? - No. 3849. You remained where you were until the ship sank? - No. 3850. Well, what did you do? - I went on to the poop. 3851. Was she getting low in the water then? - Yes. 3852. Were there many others on the poop besides yourself? - Yes. 3853. Any passengers? - Yes. 3854. Any women? - No. 3855. How long did you wait on the poop? Until the ship actually sank? - Yes. 3856. How did you get off the ship? - I left her in the water. 3857. (The Commissioner.) Am I to understand that you were actually on board the “Titanic” when she went down? - Yes, my Lord. 3858. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Before the ship actually went down did you see her make any movements? - Yes, she took one final plunge and righted herself again. 3859. She gave a plunge and righted herself again? - Yes. 3860. Did you notice anything about the funnel? - Not then. 3861. Did you afterwards notice something about the funnel? - Yes. 3862. What? - When she went down. 3863. Was that after you had left the ship? - Before I left the ship. 3864. What did you notice? - Well, the funnel seemed to cant up towards me. 3865. It seemed to fall aft? - Yes; it seemed to fall up this way. 3866. Was that the aftermost funnel? - Yes. 3867. Did you get the idea that the ship was breaking in two? - No. 3868. Did the funnel seem to fall towards you? - Yes. 3869. (The Commissioner.) That is the after funnel? - Yes, my Lord. 3870. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Then you say the ship plunged and righted herself again; and was it then that you dived into the water? - I did not dive into the water. 3871. How did you get off the ship into the water? - I went down with the ship, and shoved myself away from her into the water. 3872. Were you sucked down at all? - About two fathoms. 3873. And did you then come up again to the surface? - I seemed to get lifted up to the surface. 3874. You got lifted up to the surface? - Yes.
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