Page 194 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3805. It is suggested to me - I do not know how it is - that you cannot open them by hand unless some catch or something of the kind is operated on the bridge to allow you to do so. The Attorney-General: That would be done by the chief engineer; he would telephone up, I expect. The Commissioner: The chief engineer would probably telephone up and get the man on the bridge to work the apparatus so that these doors could be opened. 3806. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) You have told us that you came back through those watertight compartments again to the engine room. Did you remain in the engine room some little time? - No. 3807. What did you do then? - We got the order, “All hands on deck; put your life-preservers on.” 3808. Was there a clock in the engine room? - Yes. 3809. Did you notice what time it was you got that order? - I noticed the clock, but I did not take any particular notice what time it was. The clock was put back about 20 minutes, I think. 3810. Can you give us any idea of how long it was after the ship had struck that you got the order to go on deck? - Yes. 3811. About how long was it? - An hour and 40 minutes. 3812. That would make it about 1 o’clock? - No. 3813. After that - a quarter-past one? - Yes. 3814. Did you go up on to the boat deck? - No. 3815. Where did you go? - I kept on the well deck. 3816. Did you see any water before you went up in any of the boiler rooms or the engine room? - Yes, there was water coming in forward. 3817. The furthest point forward you reached was No. 4 boiler section? - Yes. 3818. Was it coming in there? - Yes. 3819. Where was it coming in? - Coming from underneath. 3820. From underneath the floor? - Yes. 3821. And from what part of the floor, the forward part or the afterpart? - The forward part. 3822. Did it come in large quantities or only in small quantities? - Small quantities. 3823. Was there any depth of water standing on the floor? - No. 3824. Do you mean the floor was just damp? - That is all. 3825. And it seemed to be coming through the floor? - Yes. 3826. Did you see any coming through the side of the ship at all? - I never noticed. 3827. Was there any water anywhere else in any of the other sections? - No. 3828. Then you got this order about a quarter-past one and you went up on deck; you say the well deck. Did you see any passengers on the well deck? - Yes. 3829. Men or women, or both? - Men and about two women; they just put them into the last boat; the last boat was getting lowered. 3830. You actually saw the last boat go off? - No. 3831. What do you mean when you say you saw the women put into the last boat that was lowered? - I did not lower it. I was on the starboard side of the well deck when I came up, and I saw two women there. They were singing out, “Any more women?” and there were two more, and we chased them up on to the boat deck. The last boat to leave was on the port side. 3832. (The Commissioner.) Are you talking of the aft well deck? - Yes, my Lord. 3833. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) When you say the last boat, do you mean the aftermost boat or the last boat to leave from the ship? - The last boat to leave from the ship. 3834. Do you know the number of that boat? - No. 3835. Can you point it out on the model there? - No. 3836. It was a boat on the port side? - Yes, because I could see they were chasing the women
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