Page 190 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 190
3681. (Mr. Edwards - To the Witness.) You said that you saw a list of men allotted to each boat? - Certainly. 3682. Was that a printed list? - Written out. It is a printed bill, but your name is put for each boat. 3683. Are the names written in? - Yes. 3684. Would those names be written before you left Southampton? - I saw my name on the Thursday night. 3685. That I understand, but would they in fact be written out before you left Southampton or not? - No, they would be written out after we got away, I should think. They have always been in every ship I have been in. 3686. So that there would be no copy on shore of this list? - I do not think so. Examined by Mr. LAING. 3687. Did you hear the fourth officer give his evidence in America? - No. 3688. Is it true, so far as you know, after you were in the water you attempted to rescue three more persons for whom there was room, but without success? - I did not see them. 3689. Do you remember anything of that sort? - No. Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 3690. Now just explain to us a little more. What do you mean by the glory hole? - It is where we all live. 3691. The stewards? - Yes; it is called “glory hole” in all ships. 3692. Is it next to the galley? - No, it is on E deck, the working alleyway. There are two exits, one from the saloon companion and the other up through the pantry. 3693. It is on the port side, I understand? - Yes. 3694. The glory holes are on the port side of the alleyway? - Yes, the outside. 3695. The alleyway goes up - that is, the port alleyway? - The port alleyway is the working alleyway. 3696. And you are on the port side of that? - Yes, on the off side. 3697. Against the side of the ship? - Yes. 3698. Against the port side? - Yes. 3699. I think I see where it is; it is on “E,” if I understand? - Yes. 3700. (The Attorney-General.) Your Lordship sees no doubt where it is. (To the Witness.) You told us about Mr. Ismay in answer to one of my learned friends? Was Mr. Ismay still on the “Titanic” when your boat left? - Yes, he was doing as much as any other Englishman could do. 3701. Standing on the deck? - He was not; he was trying to entice women to go to the boats. 3702. As I understand he had tried that on the port side where you were? - He took them across. There is about that height where my boat was, and he took them round there to the other side abaft the second funnel, I think. 3703. Why did he take them the other side? - Because they would not come into ours, and he tried to get them to the other side to go into another boat. 3704. You told us something about a bulkhead drill? - I did not tell you that. 3705. I thought you answered a question? - I answered a question. I know nothing about bulkhead drill. 3706. Did you see a bulkhead drill? - In our position we would not know anything at all; it might happen dozens of times and we would not see it. 3707. So far as you are concerned you know nothing about that? - I know nothing at all about
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