Page 189 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3663. Number 2? - Yes. 3664. Did you see any of the foreign waiters on the deck? - I saw them in a bunch before I went to my boat. 3665. You did not see any on the deck? - No. 3666. You never saw them after you saw them in that bunch? - No. 3667. You do not know whether they assisted with the passengers in any way? - I do not know. 3668. Did you go to Belfast on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 3669. So you would have a thorough knowledge of the way round her? - Well, I was every night round her and every day. I went round every part of her, or I think I did - but you could not go round her. 3670. Can you tell us where the glory holes are situated in the “Titanic”? - All amidships. 3671. On which side, port or starboard? - Port side. 3672. On the port side? - Yes. 3673. Can you show on that chart? - Underneath the saloon as near as possible. They would hold about 28. Some of them hold about 28, some 40, and some 60 or 70. 3674. Would they have any difficulty at all in getting up the companions, and round the ship? - Certainly not. 3675. No difficulty at all? - Certainly not. 3676. Was there a lifebelt for every steward in the glory hole? - Yes. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 3677. Did you hear any order given by the captain as to the sending away of your boat? - I think it was the captain told us to make for that light and come back again. 3678. Did you hear him tell the fourth officer to go away? - Yes, and come back. 3679. Is it not the fact that you did in fact try to pick up some passengers who were in the water? After you had left the “Titanic” did not you make any attempt? - I did not see any people in the water; we heard them, but did not see them. The Commissioner: I understand he heard cries, but saw no one. Mr. Holmes: I am basing my question on the report of the evidence given by the fourth officer in America. The Commissioner: I do not know what that is. Examined by Mr. EDWARDS. 3680. Do you remember the names of the members of the crew who were in your boat? - I do not know any of them. The Commissioner: Whom do you represent? Mr. Edwards: The Dockers’ Union. The Commissioner: How is the Dockers’ Union interested in the matter? Were any of your members on board? Mr. Edwards: Yes, my Lord. I am sorry this should be raised again. I made an application. You told me to put the thing in writing. The Commissioner: I know that, but I want you to tell me exactly how they are interested? Mr. Edwards: Quite a large number of the deckhands on board the “Titanic” were members of the Dockers’ Union. The Commissioner: I see; I understand. Are they members of any other Union? Mr. Edwards: No, my Lord. The Commissioner: Very well, that is quite enough.
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