Page 183 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3527. (The Commissioner.) I do not understand what you mean by your left-hand side? - The “Titanic” - after we pulled round astern, we had left the port side and we came to the starboard side of her. After we went after the light we came right round astern to the left-hand side. You might say we were still on the port - my left hand was still on the port side of our boat. I mean the “Titanic,” you know. 3528. Then the cries that you heard? - You heard them every now and again. 3529. They came from the direction - ? - Of the left hand. 3530. Of the “Titanic”? - Yes. 3531. (Mr. Rowlatt.) At this time how many oars were being used on your boat? - Well, I know two were pulling strong - two of us. 3532. And two, you told us yesterday, were pulling easy? - Yes. 3532a. There were two good oars on your boat? - Yes. 3533. How did your boat travel through the water? - Easy, Sir. 3534. I think you said yesterday that you think you had rowed a mile and a half away and back again? - Certainly. 3535. I may take it the boat could have gone back towards the wreck, if it had been decided to do so? - Yes, we had the only lights. 3536. What did you say? - We had a light in the boat; all the rest of the boats followed us; we had flashlights in our boat. 3537. You had flashlights? - Yes, Roman candles. 3538. What did you do then, did you lie on your oars or row, or do what after it was all over, you know? - We did not row, we kept round the vicinity of the boat; we never rowed after we came round astern; we lay still and the officer told us to keep our eye on this star. 3539. (The Commissioner.) I have taken that down - “We tried to keep stationary”? - That is right, Sir. 3540. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Were there other boats near you? - We did not see one; we heard a whistle, but I do not know where the boat was. 3541. In time I suppose it got light, did it? - No. I think we were the first boat in the “Carpathia.” 3542. Were you picked up before it was light? - No, it was just dawn. We thought we saw an illumination of a boat coming; it was the Northern Lights. 3543. You did see the “Carpathia” ultimately? - Yes. 3544. It was still dark then, was it? - When we saw it, it was a little bit dark. 3545. (The Commissioner.) It was at dawn that the “Carpathia” picked you up? - At dawn, yes. 3546. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Did you signal to her with your candles, or was it too light? - I think all the boats followed us, because the officer must have burned about eight or nine. 3547. Did you signal to the “Carpathia” with your candles, or how did you attract attention? - With a lamp. The officer put his hat in front of the lamp, and held it up (demonstrating). 3548. The next morning did you see any icebergs or ice? - Yes, there were fields of it. 3549. (The Commissioner.) Was the “Carpathia” in the ice-field? - It could not have been 200 yards off some of the ice. 3550. Then they were off the edge of the ice? - Yes. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 3551. When you sighted the “Carpathia” was she going slow? - I could not tell you that. 3552. Do you know if there was a compass on this lifeboat you were on? - I know there was a lamp, and we had roman candles. 3553. But you do not know whether there was a compass? - I never looked.
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