Page 176 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
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3379. It is lower down still? - Yes. 3380. Is that the same part of the ship? Are you still speaking of the same part of the ship? - It is a little bit farther forward, past the reception room. 3381. Is that it? (pointing on the plan) - Give it another 50 yards. 3382. Was it as far as the squash racket? - Opposite the squash racket. 3383. That is a good way forward, is it not? - Yes. 3384. The baggage room is there, is it? - Well, they were handling mails or something; when I looked there was water there then. 3385. In the baggage room? - Yes, it is on F deck, underneath E. 3386. The squash racket is on two decks, is it not? - I do not think so. 3387. Does not that go up through two decks? - No. 3388. Surely it is higher? - You are asking me a question and I am answering you. I say it is on F deck. You have to go down from E to it. 3389. It is on F deck, and is it not on G deck too? - No. 3390. Now where is the first-class baggage? It is on G deck - the baggage room? - No, I do not think so. I never went further than that, and I think it was in that. 3391. Will you understand this if I show you the plan. 3392. (Sir Robert Finlay.) It is on G deck. The Witness: Well, it is a little bit further down. The baggage room was not on G deck. 3393. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Is it not? - The mail room is on E, F. 3394. The baggage room and mail room are on this deck. Come and look at the plan and then we shall not quarrel. We had better understand it once for all. (The Witness examined the plan with the learned Counsel.) The Commissioner: Which deck is it? Mr. Rowlatt: G. The Commissioner: Very well. 3395. (Mr. Rowlatt.) You looked into the baggage room? - No, I looked down the stairs. 3396. You saw into it, and saw there was water there? - Yes. 3397. How long should you say after the shock was it that you saw water in the baggage room? - I went down to call the second steward, Mr. Dodd. I took plenty of time and it must have been a good twenty-five minutes after I met Mr. Wheat coming up, and he said “What is it?” I said “I think it is a bit serious.” 3398. Who said that? - I said I thought it was a bit serious. 3399. Whom to? - To Mr. Wheat, the assistant second steward. He is living now, I think he was the only one I met there at the time. 3400. Had you seen Mr. Andrews in the reception room? - I saw him speaking to some ladies, and they were all in a bunch and he said he thought it would be all right. He said, “Be easy, it will be all right.” I asked him, and he said; “All right.” 3401. Were those first-class passengers? - Yes, all first-class passengers just at the corner of the reception room, down the companion stairs. 3402. After you found there was water in the baggage room, what did you do next? - After I had called Mr. Wheat I went away down and changed my clothes in the glory hole, and put this suit of clothes on. 3403. Which is the glory hole? - No. 3 glory hole on E deck. 3404. Where is that? - It is situated half between the two exit doors. There is one from the first- class companion on to the working alleyway, and then there is one for the boys to go down to the engine room. 3405. On E deck? - On to E deck. There is an exit right from the saloon companion to the working deck.
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