Page 175 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 1 - 5
P. 175
3353. The first-class dining saloon? - Yes. 3354. Was it your job to go on every night? - Yes. 3355. Did you go on the night of the accident? - I went on at 11 o’clock. 3356. You simply had to go into the saloon and wait? - Well, no. Everyone gets a watch and at 12 o’clock when the bedroom stewards turn over we take their watch. There is a bedroom steward and a night watchman on each deck, and all the third-class and all the second-class reported to me each night when they came on watch. 3357. Now what you had to do was simply to stay in that saloon as I understand? - No, I took E - what they call the saloon - the reception room and the pantry, on. 3358. Where were you when the accident happened? - About the amidships saloon, I should think. We were all talking a few chairs up. It would be about the third or fourth table up. 3359. In that big saloon? - Yes. 3360. Did you feel the shock? - I did not feel much because we thought she had lost her wheel or something, and somebody passed the remark, “Another Belfast trip.” 3361. Another what? - To go back to Belfast it meant. 3362. Do you belong to Belfast? - I belong to Scotland. 3363. Did you do anything in consequence of feeling a shock? - I had a look round first and then I asked a man when he came up for some hot water, “Do you mind going down to the engine room and have a look.” He went down and came back and said, “I think it is a bit hot” - that is a racing phrase. He meant it was a bit serious. 3364. Do you know who that was? - I have found out afterwards, but I did not know then. I only knew our own division. I never knew anyone but those in our own stewards’ department. 3365. He was a greaser, was he not? - I think he was. 3366. You do not know his name? - I think he might have been a man they called White. I have found out, but I do not know whether it is right or not. 3367. Did you do anything after that? - Yes; I went down and walked along the saloon and saw Mr. Andrews come down and go down to the engine room, and then I saw the Captain directly following him, and then I followed Mr. Andrews after he came up from the engine room. 3368. Now tell me who is Mr. Andrews? - Well, one of the best known among our division, because he did anything for us we asked him. 3369. But who is he? - He is one of the builders. 3370. He is the representative of the builders? - Yes. 3371. And he and the Captain came through? - No, he came three or four minutes before the Captain. 3372. Through the saloon you were in? - He had to come down through the stairs to get down to the engine room to get on to E deck; he had to go down through those stairs. 3373. And then he gets into the alleyway and got to the engine room? - Just turn to the left and he is in it. 3374. Did he go in that direction? - I do not know. I know he went down. 3375. Did the Captain go down after him? - Directly after. 3376. Did you stay where you were? - No; I put four oranges into my pocket. I might have done it after, but I think I did it then. 3377. Did you follow the captain or stay where you were? - No; I waited a minute and followed Mr. Andrews. 3378. What happened next? - Mr. Andrews went through the saloon after this man came and told me it was a bit thick. I followed Mr. Andrews and went down to E deck to see if Duscheck was there. He was down there on watch in that deck. I went down to E deck and saw Mr. Andrews go down by the baggage room or mail room. One door goes down and the other does not.
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